Altstadt - Old Town   Kurpark
Warmer Damm
The Roman Gate and its views  

The gardens, Adolfsallee
and the Station area


Population: 277 000 (part of Frankfurt-Rhein-Main metro)
2010 (April)

Tallest building: Marktkirche (92m)


Wiesbaden is a twin city to Mainz, that is located on the opposite side of the famous River Rhein and is only 30 minutes by train from Frankfurt. It is the capital of the federal state Hesse. Wiesbaden, literrally means "meadow baths" is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe, it has 15 hot springs today. It has a long history, the first spas were documented by the romans. It has 10 000 inhabitants, mostly associated with the American military, and a casino.

Wiesbaden is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole Germany, it is very green, has many hills, beautiful churches, palaces and grandiose buildings located along boulevards, lively pedestrian streets and market places. It is a very wealthy city, a lot of large mansions are located on the hills. There are many white buildings in the city. I also think Wiesbaden has the most beautiful parks (I visited 3 of them) of all German cities I have visited.

Wiesbaden is connected by public transportation with trams and buses. It has good communication by train with Frankfurt and Mainz.


I was visiting Wiesbaden as part of my Frankfurt visit (when I was trapped because of the Icelandic volcano), before visiting Mainz. The weather was sunny and pretty warm for being in April. I went back to Frankfurt in the evening. I found the city very beautful and wealthy and I toured most of the central area. I was visiting Wiesbaden in the 80s with my family, but had bad luck because of a minor car crash so we didn't see much of the city. But now it was time to get back and I had a great time walking and relaxing in the parks and squares, except for a dove shitting on my jacket! Preparations for a great car competition were going on, so parts of the boulevards were blocked, but it was nice to see all the activity and the cars. In some way Wiesbaden reminds of Washington, USA:s capital.