Skylines and views

  from Södermalm, Norrmalm and Riddarholmen   Skylines and views
  from Globen and Skanstullsbron


Norrmalm - part 1

Sergels torg, Hötorget, Norrmalms torg, Drottninggatan, Sveavägen, Central Station, Klarakvartéren, World Trade Center


Norrmalm - part 2

Drottninggatan, KungsgatanKungsträdgården, N BantorgetTegnérlunden, Hamngatan, Nybroplan, Berzelii park, Sveavägen, Olof Palmes plats



Medborgarplatsen, Götgatan, Hornsgatan, Mariatorget, Södermalms torg, Gondolen, Fatbursparken, Skanstullsbron

  Östermalm and Vasastaden

Stureplan, Strandvägen, Karlavägen, Karlaplan, Östermalms torg

Gamla Stan - part 1

Skeppsbron, Stortorget, Järntorget, Tyska Kyrkan, Västerlånggatan, Österlånggatan, Slussen

  Gamla Stan - part 2

Slottet, Storkyrkan, Stora Nygatan, Riksdagshuset

Evert Taubes terras


Stadshuset (City Hall)



  Gröna Lund        


Stockholm by night
Norrmalm, Södermalm, Gamla Stan, Djurgården, Medborgarplatsen,






Globe City



Stockholm's tallest buildings






Sonisphere festival 2010 - Stora Skuggan   Ghost live at
Gröna Lund


Population: 910 000 (urban 1 400 000, metro 2 192 000)
Capital of Sweden
Tallest building: Kista Towers (120m, built 2015)
Tallest structure: Kaknästornet (170m, built 1967)
Province: Uppland and Södermanland
County: Stockholms Län
Founded year (city rights): 13th century

381.63 km² (urban city), 6519 km² (metro)
Year visited:
2014, 2010 and 2003

Stockholm, Sweden´s capital and largest city is very old but although modern. Stockholm is very open, beautiful and have much water, much because of the lake Mälaren that pours out to the sea Östersjön (the Baltic sea). Stockholm mostly constists of large beautiful old buildings, the buildings in Gamla Stan (Old Town) are very small though and there are also a lot of modern architecture. And a lot of construction is going on, nothing really tall though. The tallest buildings are mainly churches, but there are many highrises around 20 floors dating back from the sixities. Because of the large amount of water, the districts are divided into "malmar" (Norrmalm, Södermalm etc) connected by each other with impressing bridges. The "malmar" are surrounded with countless suburbs, that connects the city with a large subway system, boats, trams, busses and roads. Stockholm is one of the alpha cities (on the 33rd place of globally economically important cities) in the world.


Despite being the capital of Sweden, I have only visited Stockholm 3 times. In 2003 I visited a forumer, from Skyscraperpage and stayed at his home in Kista, a northern suburb. We arrived by train Friday 8th and left Monday 11th. The special thing was that this was the first time I visited the capital of my home country. That is I always found foreign cities more interesting before and because I didn´t know anyone there. But on this trip I found out this idea was a big mistake, because Stockholm has so much to offer and is really nice to visit. It was pretty warm and sunny every day, but I found the nights much colder than the nights in Malmö.

In 2010, I visited Stockholm for just 1 and a half days mostly to go to the rock festival Sonisphere with a friend, but we also had time to tour Norrmalm, Östermalm, Södermalm and Gamla Stan. We went by car from Malmö, it took about 7 hours. It was raining heavily on Saturday and the skies were grey on Sunday. Unfortunately I only had a really crappy digicam back in 2003, so despite the weather, the photos from 2010 looks much better.

In September 2014, I visited Stockholm for a Friday evening, a Saturday and a half Sunday. It was a holiday just after a conference in nearby Södertälje, 1 hour south of Stockholm. The weather was really beautiful, sunny skies and mild weather for being in late September. This is by far the most extensive photo tour I ever made to Stockholm. I visited Gamla Stan (Old Town) where I stayed at a hostel, Norrmalm, Södermalm, Kungsholmen, Djurgården and Johanneshov. I made a trip to the Skyview on top of the Ericsson Globe, a tour inside the Royal Castle (Slottet) in the Old Town, visited the grave of Olof Palme, visited the City Hall for the first time, walked the whole way from Gamla Stan, along Götgatan to Globen, went inside many churches as well as modern buildings and walked along the whole Drottinggatan. I also made a ferry trip the amusement park Gröna Lund on the island of Djurgården near my hostel in Gamla Stan, to attend to a concert by the famous band Ghost the same evening that I arrived. It was the first time at Gröna Lund for me. I also visited several restaurants and stores, I travelled by tram and subway but mostly walked a lot, through the fairly compact city center and to some places in the outskirts.