Population: 18 000 (metro 28 000)
Year: 2003 and 2011

Ystad, mentioned for the first time in 1244, is the 2nd most southernmost city of Sweden. The city has, unlike many other Swedish towns, many well preserved
buildings. And you can find flowers and gardens anywhere. Ystad also has a beach and ferries to Poland. Ystad is famous for being set as location for several
movies, and the Wallander crime novels.
Every summer many tourists visit Ystad.



Stortorget, the big square, is the center of Ystad. You can find these wellpreserved buildings around:


The Old Town Hall (Gamla Rådhuset) with Sta Maria kyrka in the background.

Stortorget with the Scanian flag to the right.

Sankta Maria Kyrka (the Church of the Virgin Mary). The tallest building in Ystad, built in the 13th century.

Sankta Maria is inspired by Gothic hansa architecture.

The imperssive interior of Sta Maria Kyrka.

Saluhallen, the old marketplace, in the middle background.


Hamngatan with its brand stores and the hamburger restaurant in a historical building to the left.

Max, formerly McDonald's, situated in an old building.


Where to go from Stortorget?


A renaissance bank building at the square.


Loong Sching at Stortorget, the place were we had diner.


The interior of the chinese restaurant.


Saké, was interesting to try!


Around the cloister:

Gråbrödraklostret, or St Peter's Church. The old brick cloister in the city center. Also inspired by Gothic hansa architecture, just like S:ta Maria.

Cloister gardens and pound.

Stora Östergatan:

This is the main pedestrian shopping street of Ystad. It leads from Stortorget to Österportstorg.

Stora Östergatan during saturday shopping hours.

Snedgränd, means "slope lane". All street signs are yellow in Ystad!

The end of Stora Östergatan.

One of the oldest houses in Ystad.

Per Helsas Gård is a historical halftimbered red house with shops and galleries inside.

There are many nice side streets to Stora Östergatan.


The New Town Hall, Nya Rådhuset. The landmark of the square Österportstorg.

The beginning of Stora Östergatan, seen from Österportstorg.

Other streets:

There are beautiful flower plants all over Ystad.

Sladdergatan. Beautiful street, strange name.

A tourist trolley through Ystad.

Bäckahästens Restaurang & Café.

Around the harbour:

Just outside the city center.

Lines to the ferry to Poland and a tall factory in the background.

A parking house in postmodern roman style.

Tingsrätten, the district court house. Beautiful building, boring purpose.

Sjömansgatan, the main road along the sea.