Yangtorp Temple, Skarhult Castle the Hörby Mast

-Yangtorp, Jönstorp, Skarhults slott, Hörbymasten, Qigong temple

-Asian Qigong temple

Yangtorp, is a 12.000 m2 large Qigong temple with hotel and spa in Asian style with gardens and Buddhist sculptures, situated in the small village Jönstorp (hence the name Yangtorp) in the municipality of Hörby in the middle of Skåne. Yangtorp was founded by Master Marcus Bongart in 1998 and Anni-Frid from ABBA was once involved in the project. The building complex stood unfinished and empty for years due to financial problems, leaving the place to plunderers, but it is since the year 2000 complete and in business. The complex is very beautiful and impressive and feels out of place in the Scanian landscape, in a good way. Yangtorp is considered a freetown for people who want to relax from the modern world. They offer Qigong courses and yoga and has a Chinese health center. The hotel has 34 rooms and suites, a restaurant (Guan Gu), a shop, conference rooms and a teahouse. The gardens can be visited for 75kr but much can also be seen from the parking lot; the structure, temples, pavlions and Buddha sculpture, dragons and lakes. The interior of the hotel is in Asian feng sui (balance) style. Cats and cows are also around in the area. The entrance is called the Shaolin Gate. Yangtorp is situated in the middle of a forest so it can be a bit tricky to find.

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-renaissance castle and gardens

Skarhults slott (Skarhult Castle)
is a castle in Eslöv municipality, East of Lund, in the middle of the Skåne (Scania) province, that was Danish at the time for construction around the 1560s. The castle is built in beautiful red-brick renaissance style and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a the small river Bråån flows through the garden. At the site was once the medieval village of Skarhult. Until 1624 the castle belonged to the Rosensparre family. Later the Ruud and Trolle families owned it. When Scania (Skåne) became a Swedish province in 1658, it was bought by the Swedish count Pontus Fredrik De la Gardie and financed by his wife Beata Elisabet von Königsmarck. Later owners include Erik Brahe, Magnus Fredrik Brahe, King Karl XIV Johan, King Oscar I and at last by Jules von Schwerin. Today it is still owned by the Schwerin family, Carl Johan and Alexandra von Schwerin. Exhibitions are held in the annex buildings. The valley Skarhultsdalen surround the castle, where you see many wind power stations.

Skarhults Slott Skarhults Slott Skarhult Castle Skarhult Castle Skarhults_Slott_01 Skarhults_Slott_02 Skarhults_Slott_07 Skarhults_Slott_08 Skarhults_Slott_09 Skarhults_Slott_10 Skarhults_Slott_11 Skarhults_Slott_12 Skarhults_Slott_13 Skarhults_Slott_14 Skarhults_Slott_15 Skarhults_Slott_16 Skarhults_Slott_17 Skarhults_Slott_18 Skarhults_Slott_19 Skarhults_Slott_20 Skarhults_Slott_21 Skarhults_Slott_22 Skarhults_Slott_23 Skarhults_Slott_24 Skarhults_Slott_25 Skarhults_Slott_26 Skarhults_Slott_27 Skarhults_Slott_28 Skarhults_Slott_29 Skarhults_Slott_30 Skarhults_Slott_31 Skarhults_Slott_32 Skarhults_Slott_33 Skarhults_Slott_34 Skarhults_Slott_35 Skarhults_Slott_36 Skarhults_Slott_37 Skarhults_Slott_38 Skarhults_Slott_39 Skarhults_Slott_40 Skarhults_Slott_41 Skarhults_Slott_42 Skarhults_Slott_43 Skarhults_Slott_44 Skarhults_Slott_45 Skarhults_Slott_46 Skarhults_Slott_47 Skarhults_Slott_48 Skarhults_Slott_49 Skarhults_Slott_50 Skarhults_Slott_51 Skarhults_Slott_52 Skarhultsdalen_01 Skarhultsdalen_02 Skarhultsdalen_03 Skarhultsdalen_04 Skarhultsdalen_05 Skarhultsdalen_06 Skarhultsdalen_07 Skarhultsdalen_08 Skarhultsdalen_61 Skarhultsdalen_62


-Europe’s tallest mast upon completion

Hörbymasten is the tallest transmission mast in Skåne and one of Sweden’s tallest masts and structures. It is 324m, that is taller then the Eiffel Tower and almost twice as tall as Scandinavia’s tallest building, Turning Torso. The mast was completed in 1959 and was Europe’s tallest mast then! Hörbymasten is situated in the tiny village Östra Sallerup, just outside Hörby. Formerly owned by the stately Televerket, it is now owned by Teracom. Hörbymasten’s signals can be received in Sweden, Bornholm, Germany and Poland, and sometimes even futher. The mast is famous among radio enthusiasts all over Europe. The grandfather of World Travel Images owner was building master at the construction.

Hörbymasten_4 Hörbymasten_1 Hörbymasten_2 Hörbymasten_3 Hörbymasten_5 Hörbymasten_6 Hörbymasten_7 Hörbymasten_8