Herbert Gardens and the area around the station

This page is about the area around the railway station and the beautiful parks Herbert Gardens and Reisinger-Brunnen Gardens in the south part of the city center. Many modern federal administrative buildings are located here. This is the area I first came to when arriving by train from Frankfurt.

Hauptbahnhof, the Main Railway Station. It was built 1904-06 and was modernized in 2004.

Hauptbahnhof, the Main Railway Station, where I arrived by train from Frankfurt.

Modern office buildings.

Reisinger-Brunnen Gardens:

A list of Wiesbaden's sister cities in the park Reisinger-Brunnen Gardens.

Hessian Ministry of Interior. Note the...

...football team?

Reisinger-Brunnen Gardens is a park with many beautiful flower arrangemanets and sculptures.

Herbert Gardens:

Fountains and sculptures in Herbert Gardens.

Along Friedrich-Ebert-Allee/Wilhelmstrasse:


Along Friedrich-Ebert-Allee. Black luxury cars were all over the city because of a planned sports car event.




Grandiose buildings at Rheinstrasse.

Marktplatz with Neues Rathaus and Marktkirche.

The intersection Rheinstrasse/Bahnhofstrasse. What is special is that I experienced a minor car crash when there in the 80s with my family when I was just a child.

Preparations for the Audi car competition that will take place the next day (Sunday).

Adolfsallee - from Luisenplatz to the Railway Station:

Adolfstrasse, view towards St Bonifatius.

Adolfsallee is an elegant alley that leads from Luisenplatz to the railway station.

It is like a park in the middle of the relaxed Adolfsallee.

Grandiose residential buildings at Adolfsallee.

The heavily trafficated Kaiser-Friederich-Ring with plane trees. The red buildings behind the trees is the Hessian Ministry of Economy. In the distance is Gutenbergplatz.

Kaiser-Friederich-Ring, downwards.

Landeshaus, the Hessian Ministry of Economy.

Adolf-Allee seen form Kaiser-Friederich-Ring.

Many black luxury cars at Kaiser-Friederich-Rin opposite the station.

A little bit of a skyline seen from a walkway above Kaiser-Friederich-Ring. Hessian Ministry of Interior, DBV and Hauptbahnhof.

The DBV building has 18 floors. The white building is Hessian Ministry of Interior.

Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station from 1906 again. Here I am on my way to Mainz: I visited these 2 fairly big cities in just one day!