Skylines and views of Warsaw

Warsaw is one of the cities in Europe that has the largest number of skyscrapers. Only London, Paris, Moscow and Frankfurt can compete with Warsaw as the tallest cities in Europe. What is even more special is that most of the skyscrapers are located in the heart of downtown (Sródmiescie), in contrary to most other European cities. In the districts of Wola, Muranowska and Ochota there are also some skyscrapers. Since these districts are really close to downtown, Warsaw has an almost continous skyline. The tallest buildings are the Palace of Culture and Science from 1955, in the core of downtown, and Warsaw Trade Center in Wola. Most new skyscrapers are popping up around "The Palace", as if they want to show the old tower of "The Palace", that was a gift from Stalin, that capitalism is stronger than communism.

Złota 44 is the tallest building and most spectacular building under construction right now (2008), right in the downtown cluster, just next to Golden Terraces and "The Palace". It will have feature a striking curvy design by the famous architect Daniel Liebeskind. There are also many proposals of new skyscrapers right now with striking designs, 2 of them are even taller than "The Palace". It will be completed in 2010, and at 192m it will beat Warsaw Trade Center as the 2nd tallest building in Warsaw. To see what it will look like, visit the building's website. However, a skyscraper in Wroclaw under construction, is planned to be taller than everything in Warsaw.

Both in downtown, in the outskirts and the suburbs (especially in the suburbs), a large number of highrises have been built in the communist modernism style. In the old town and the old university district, there are almost no tall buildings, except for church spires.
Church of St Joseph has a beautiful classicist facade.

The first sight of the skyline, seen from the bus from the airport.

View of the skyline from the west side of Palace of Culture and Science. From the left: Golden Terraces, Rondo 1, InterContinental, Warsaw Financial Center, the west entrance to "The Palace".

View of the outskirts of Warsaw with commie blocks and residential villas.

View to the south from Zlota Tarasy: The Marriott/Elektrim towers and Orco Tower.

Skyline from the busy al. 3 Maja at National Museum.

Views from the Palace of Culture and Science:


Our hostel Oki Doki was located on the right on this square.


Muranowska, just north of the border to the old town and downtown. The tall building behind the Ibis Hotel is the 39-storey Intraco Tower, that is very similar in design to John Hancock Tower in Boston, but is "only" 107m to the roof.



Towards Ogrod Saski, Wisla and The Old Town.

The roof of the observation deck.


Views from the Royal Square in Old Town:

Swietokrzynski Bridge.

Wola skyline:

Warsaw Trade Center in Wola, just west of downtown.

The Praga district on the east side of Wisla. The tall neo-Gothic church from 1901 is called Sts. Michael & Florian Cathedral. The former notorious Praga is now a popular place for creative minds fleeing the rising real estate prices of central Warsaw. Even if many buildings still are rundown, much is being built and renovated. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the east side of the river.