The outskirts of Warszawa

We didn't see so much of Warsaw's outskirts, but we saw a bit from the bus from the airport to our hotel and from the train to Krakow, that passed Greater Warsaw for about one hour before it left the city's outermost suburbs. Because of the large amount of highrises, Warsaw is not extremely large considering it has more than 2 million inhabitants in the metro.

The Praga district on the east side of Wisla. The tall neo-Gothic church from 1901 is called Sts. Michael & Florian Cathedral. The former notorious Praga is now a popular place for creative minds fleeing the rising real estate prices of central Warsaw. Even if many buildings still are rundown, much is being built and renovated. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the east side of the river. Praga was spared from the bombings of WW2.

That is basically what most of the outskirts looked like from the train window, but we also saw large areas with large villas and farms close to the city.

View from the plane window: Note the contrast between the commie blocks above the upper part of the wing and the villas on the lower half.

Construction work on the railway in the outskirts of Warsaw.