Wacken Open Air festival area

Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) is a summer open air festival, held every year for 3 days in July/August. The focus is metal music, and it has about 80 000 visitors a year from all around the world. The bands, about 70, are also from all around the world, some really famous with big concerts. They perform on 4 different stages. It has been held since 1990. There are several camping grounds surrounding the festival area. This page is about the festival area, that features many attractions of its own, and the camping area.

The entrance to Wacken Open Air by night.
The festival area has many features, for example a viking village.


This line was just to get the entrance bracelet!

  Poor bear!   Fencing
The globe at the entrance to the stages  

A vintage amp? Or a balloon?

  One of many staged explosions at Wacken

Wacken installation

These kind of strange installations can be found in the festival area.   Metal fans near Black Stage and True Metal Stage

Festival area Wacken

The Captain Morgan Tower   Festival area Wacken


The camping area. The orange/grey tent in the front was ours!

  Black Stage and True Metal Stage, the two biggest stages, in the evening  

The camping area the last day. On this Sunday no band played