Population: 26 00 (metro 40 000)
Year: 2003

Trelleborg is the southernmost city of the whole Sweden. The name means "Viking age circular fort". It has become a bit famous for its palms, that only can be seen summertime. Trelleborg has one of Sweden's largest harbours and is connected with Germany by large ferries, so many tourists can be seen in the city. Sometimes there are more tourists than Swedes on the streets, since the center is pretty dead.

Stortorget with the former water tower and "Draken" fountain/sculpture.

Draken, "The Dragon" is a pretty cool sculpture.

Gamla Vattentornet is not in use today, except for the café on the ground floor.

A viking ring fortress, also called "trelleborg" as the city, that has been partly reconstructed.

The main pedestrian street of Trelleborg

The umbrella sculpture.

Some palms tries to live up the city center.

"Trelleborg - the city by the coast" is what is written.

The ferry to Travemünde, Germany.

Ferry terminal building.

A Ferrari near the harbour.