- Midtown Toronto, Yorkville Ave, Hazelton Ave, Davenport Rd, Four Seasons

Yorkvilleis a posh neighbourhood with some of the most expensive townhouses, condo skyscrapers and brand stores in the country. It is situated in Midtown Toronto, close to downtown, and just a couple of blocks of our hotel. On Yonge St, take west on Yorkville Avenue. Here you find the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences, built 2012, where Canada's most expensive penthouse recently was sold, and lots of speciality boutiques. The residence tower of Four Seasons has 55 floors and the hotel tower has 30 floors. Prada, Tiffany, Cartier, Hugo Boss, Bang and Olufsen, Maserati and Ferrari can all be found in Yorkville, many along Bloor Street. This is the area were most celebrities like to go and shop. Here you also find a small fire station, and the ultra luxury Hazelton Hotel, popular among celebrities. At the hotel you find Hazelton Avenue, also posh street with townhouses, leading to the more busy Davenport Road, a road that soon shifts to a somewhat less glamourus character, with a few dull highrise blocks. Originally a separate village, Yorkville was annexed into Toronto in 1883. One Bloor, a 76-storey, 257m tall glass scraper with curved balconies, almost completed during our visit in 2016. It is situated right next in the intersection Bloor St/Yonge St, at the border to Yorkville.

Yorkville Park is a small park that features a rock, planted trees and a rain curtain. To the Northeast of downtown, not far from Yorkville, you find Rosedale, a very green area with parks and residential villas. Yorkville has its own townhall, situated at Town Hall Square.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is Canada's largest art museum, and is situated at Bloor St between Yorkville and Queens Park. It is a museum of art, world culture and natural history, established in 1912. In 2007, Daniel Liebeskind designed a significant addition to the museum, the Crystal, that has became a landmark with its sharp angles and deconstructivist style. This odd, cool, futuristic building is a sharp contrast to the adjancent heritage buildings of the museum, and that is where the main entrance is. The facade consists of glass and a special fabricated aluminium.

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