Higashi-Shinjuku (East Shinjuku)

- Hotel Listel Shinjuku, Yasukuni-Dori, Studio Alta, Shinjuku Station, Godzilla Street

In Higashi-Shinjuku (East Shinjuku) you find large department stores, wide roads with neon lights, hotels and casinos as well as more normal residential areas, such as the one where our first hotel was. East Shinjuku, the district to the East of Shinjuku Station, only has a few skyscrapers, in contrary to West Shinjuku (Nishi-Shinjuku) where the CBD is. Yasukuni-dori is the busiest avenue, filled with neon signs and very modern buildings that houses department stores (such as Isetan), gaming arcades, residential buildings, hotels etc. It is a very typical Tokyo road and goes to Shinjuku Station, the huge railway station that is one of the largest in Tokyo. Studio Alta is a shopping galleria for young people with fashion stores, a theater, a café and record stores. In Japan CDs, LPs and music cassettes are still very popular. Kabukicho is the entertainment area in Higashi-Shinjuku. Shinjuku Gyoen is a beautiful park. Both these can be found in their own sections.

We stayed at two different hotels in Tokyo, one was in East Shinjuku; we spent 5 nights at the 3-star, 13-storey Listel Hotel Shinjuku. It has 263 rooms and one restaurant. The hotel was nothing special but a valuable hotel for the money and the staff was friendly. The location is very central, a short walk to central Shinjuku and Shinjuku Station.



Yasukuni-Dori, Higashi-Shinjuku Yasukuni-Dori, Higashi-Shinjuku Yasukuni-Dori Higashi-Shinjuku 004 Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Higashi-Shinjuku 007 Higashi-Shinjuku 008 Higashi-Shinjuku 009 Higashi-Shinjuku 010 Higashi-Shinjuku 011 Higashi-Shinjuku 012 Shinjuku Gyoen Shinjuku Gyoen Shinjuku Gyoen Higashi-Shinjuku 016 Higashi-Shinjuku 017 Higashi-Shinjuku 018 Higashi-Shinjuku 019 Higashi-Shinjuku 020 Higashi-Shinjuku 021 Higashi-Shinjuku 022 Higashi-Shinjuku 023 Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Shinjuku-dori Avenue Isetan department store Isetan Isetan Higashi-Shinjuku 034 Higashi-Shinjuku 035 Higashi-Shinjuku 036 Higashi-Shinjuku 037 Higashi-Shinjuku 038 Higashi-Shinjuku 039 Higashi-Shinjuku 040 Higashi-Shinjuku 041 Higashi-Shinjuku 042 Higashi-Shinjuku 043 Higashi-Shinjuku 044 Higashi-Shinjuku 045 Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Studio Alta Higashi-Shinjuku 057 Higashi-Shinjuku 058 Higashi-Shinjuku 059 Higashi-Shinjuku 060 Higashi-Shinjuku 061 Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Higashi-Shinjuku 068 Higashi-Shinjuku 069 Higashi-Shinjuku 070 Shinjuku Station Higashi-Shinjuku 072 Higashi-Shinjuku 073 Higashi-Shinjuku 074 Higashi-Shinjuku 075 Higashi-Shinjuku 076 Higashi-Shinjuku 077 Isetan Higashi-Shinjuku 079 Higashi-Shinjuku 080 Higashi-Shinjuku 081 Higashi-Shinjuku 082 Higashi-Shinjuku 083 Higashi-Shinjuku 084 Higashi-Shinjuku 085 Higashi-Shinjuku 086 Higashi-Shinjuku 087 Higashi-Shinjuku 088 Higashi-Shinjuku 089 Higashi-Shinjuku 090 Higashi-Shinjuku 091 Higashi-Shinjuku 092 Higashi-Shinjuku 093 Higashi-Shinjuku 097 Shinjuku Station Higashi-Shinjuku 099 Higashi-Shinjuku 100 Higashi-Shinjuku 101 Higashi-Shinjuku 102 Higashi-Shinjuku 103 Higashi-Shinjuku 105 Higashi-Shinjuku 106 Higashi-Shinjuku 107 Higashi-Shinjuku 108 Higashi-Shinjuku 109 Higashi-Shinjuku 111 Higashi-Shinjuku 112 Higashi-Shinjuku 113 Higashi-Shinjuku 114 Higashi-Shinjuku 115 Café Tully Café Tully Higashi-Shinjuku 118 Higashi-Shinjuku 119 Higashi-Shinjuku 120 Higashi-Shinjuku 121 Higashi-Shinjuku 122 Higashi-Shinjuku 123 Higashi-Shinjuku 124 Higashi-Shinjuku 125 Higashi-Shinjuku 126 Higashi-Shinjuku 127 Higashi-Shinjuku 128 Higashi-Shinjuku 129 Higashi-Shinjuku 130 Higashi-Shinjuku 131 Higashi-Shinjuku 132 Higashi-Shinjuku 133 Higashi-Shinjuku 134



Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station Higashi-Shinjuku by night 03 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 04 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 05 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 06 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 07 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 08 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 09 Higashi-Shinjuku 104 Higashi-Shinjuku 110 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 10 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 11 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 12 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 13 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 14 Near the hotel, Listel Higashi-Shinjuku by night 16 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 19 Yasukuni-Dori Yasukuni-Dori Higashi-Shinjuku by night 22 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 23 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 24 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 25 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 26 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 27 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 28 Meiji Dori Higashi-Shinjuku by night 30 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 31 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 32 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 33 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 34 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 35 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 36 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 37 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 38 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 39 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 40 Yasukuni-Dori Higashi-Shinjuku by night 42 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 43 Godzilla Road Godzilla Road Godzilla Road Hotel Gracery Higashi-Shinjuku by night 48 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 49 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 50 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 51 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 52 Higashi-Shinjuku by night 53


HOTEL LISTEL SHINJUKU and surroundings:

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