- National Diet Building, Chiyoda, Sanno Park Tower

Nagatachō ( "Eternal Rice Field Town") is a district in Chiyoda Ward, near Imperial Palace. This is the location of National Diet Building (Kokkai-gijidō), that houses the Diet of Japan (the parliament) and the Kantei, the Prime Minister's residence that is housed in a huge, 5-storey solar paneled modern glass building from 2003. The National Diet Bldg was built in 1936, a neo-classical white building with columns and a pyramid on top. Sessions of the House of Representatives take place in the left wing and sessions of the House of Councillors in the right wing. Guards stand at the gates. The Supreme Court of Japan is located in neighboring Hayabusachō. Nagatachō's name is often used to refer figuratively to the Japanese government, as opposed to Kasumigaseki which refers to the administration. Several embassies can be found in the area, and during the Edo period the residence of samurais.

Sanno Park Tower (194m, 44 floors) and Prudential Tower (158m, 38 floors) are the most significant skyscrapers. Sanno Park Tower faces the prime minister's residence, so no windows face it.


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