- Tokyo Station, Tokyo International Forum, Imperial Palace, Gyoko-dori

Marunochi district in the Chiyoda ward is where you find the core of Tokyo. The name literally means ”inside the inner circle”. Here you find the Tokyo Central Station, a historic building in Dutch renaissance style, and the Imperial Palace, formerly Edo Castle, that the city was built around. Tokyo Station is the central station and the busiest station in Tokyo It opened in 1914 and was heavily renovated in 2009, the historical exterior that survived wars and earthquakes was preserved. Even thought the station building looks old outside, it is very modern inside, except for a beautiful atrium in old station. There are Shinkansen (highspeed train) tracks and a large metro in Tokyo Station. The station is large it extends southways all the way to Ginza. Imperial Palace is where the emperor lives, the original building derives from the Edo period. The area around the palace is huge with buildings, gardens and a moat that surround it. The area is only open to public on special days, so only a small part of the white exterior of the palace and the historical Nijubashi Bridge can be seen from outside, that can be a bit disappointing for some. The avenues Uchibori dori and Hiniya dori runs between the skyscrapers of the financial district and the borders to the Imperial Palace.

Marunochi is also the financial district of Tokyo, so lots of skyscrapers have been built around the palace. Japan’s three largest banks are headquartered here. The streets are lined with trees in European style and filled with international brand stores such as Gucci, Rolex and Cartier. The main avenue Gyoko-dori is very European in its style. The area immediately around Tokyo Station reminds of Manhattan. Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Imperial Hotel was the only building that survived the 1923 earthquake was situated here, but was ironically torn down and replaced by a soulless modernist highrise. Palace Hotel is also found in the area. Tokyo International Forum is a huge futuristic oval shaped glass building for exhibitions and other events, designed by Rafael Viñoly. It opened in 1997 and is known for its huge atrium with escalators and skybridges, surrounded by glass walls.

Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station Tokyo Station 01 Tokyo Station 02 Tokyo Station 03 Tokyo Station 04 Tokyo Station 05 Tokyo Station 06 Tokyo Station 07 Tokyo Station 09 Tokyo Station 11 Tokyo Station 12 Tokyo Station 13 Tokyo Station 14 Tokyo Station 15 Tokyo Station 18 Tokyo Station 19 Tokyo Station 20 Marunochi 01 Marunochi 02 Marunochi 03 Marunochi 04 Marunochi 05 Marunochi 12 Marunochi 13 Marunochi 14 Marunochi 15 Marunochi 16 Marunochi 37 Marunochi 39 Marunochi 41 Marunochi 42 Marunochi 43 Marunochi 44 Marunochi 45 Marunochi 46 Marunochi 47 Marunochi 48 Marunochi 49 Marunochi 50 Marunochi 51 Marunochi 52 Marunochi 53 Marunochi 54 Marunochi 55 Marunochi 56 Marunochi 57 Marunochi 58 Marunochi 59 Marunochi 60 Marunochi 61 Marunochi 62 Marunochi 63 Marunochi 64 Gyoko-dori Ave 01 Gyoko-dori Ave 02 Gyoko-dori Ave 03 Gyoko-dori Ave 04 Gyoko-dori Ave 05 Gyoko-dori Ave 06 Gyoko-dori Ave 07 Gyoko-dori Ave 08 Gyoko-dori Ave 09 Gyoko-dori Ave 10 Gyoko-dori Ave 11 Gyoko-dori Ave 12 Marunochi Brick Square 01 Marunochi Brick Square 02 Marunochi Brick Square 03 Marunochi Brick Square 04 Marunochi Brick Square 05 Marunochi Brick Square 06 Marunochi Brick Square 07 Marunochi Brick Square 08 Marunochi Brick Square 09 Tokyo International Forum 00 Tokyo International Forum 01 Tokyo International Forum 02 Tokyo International Forum 03 Tokyo International Forum 04 Tokyo International Forum 05 Tokyo International Forum 06 Tokyo International Forum 07 Tokyo International Forum 08 Tokyo International Forum 09 Tokyo International Forum 10 Tokyo International Forum 11 Tokyo International Forum 12 Tokyo International Forum 13 Tokyo International Forum 14 Tokyo International Forum 15 Tokyo International Forum 16 Tokyo International Forum 17 Tokyo International Forum 18 Tokyo International Forum 19 Tokyo International Forum 20 Tokyo International Forum 21

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