- Sensoji Temple, Pagoda, Nakamise-dori, Ekimise, Kaminarimon St, Asakusa Station
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, Orange Street

Asakusa is a district in the Taito ward, mostly famous for the Senso-ji Shrine, a buddhist temple. Senso-ji is Tokyo’s oldest and most significant temple with its red colour and pagoda. It is a very popular tourist attraction and the centerpiece piece of Tokyo’s largest and wildest festival, Sanja Matsuri. Women dressed as geishas can be seen in the area, of which 45 active working. Asakusa has a character of a Chinese area, especially Kaminarimon Street and the rest of the area around the station. Above Asakusa Station is the shopping mall Ekimise, anchored by a Matsuya department store. This is the station where we approached the train to Nikko.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is a 7-storey building with tourist information, that also offers great views of Tokyo. The wooden architecture is very special, it was designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates and built 2009-2012.

There are several shopping arcades in traditional Japanese style around the temple, with markets, shops and cafés. Nakamise-dori is the most famous one, facing the temple, 250m long with 89 shops. There are many ryokans, other shrines and traditional restaurants (we visited one of them) in the area. Asakusa has a greater concentration of buildings as old as from the 1950s and 60s then other parts of Tokyo. People celebrating a buddhist ceremony passed by and entered the station while we bought tickets. There is also a large Brazilian presence in the area. Boat cruises along Sumida River departs from the river banks of Asakusa. Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest tower, can be seen from most parts of Asakusa as it is situated just on the other side of Sumida River.

Sensoji Temple 01 Sensoji Temple 02 Sensoji Temple 03 Sensoji Temple 04 Sensoji Temple 17 Sensoji Temple 18 Sensoji Temple 05 Sensoji Temple 06 Sensoji Temple 19 Sensoji Temple 36 Sensoji Temple 37 Sensoji Temple 20 Sensoji Temple 31 Sensoji Temple 10 Sensoji Temple 11 Sensoji Temple and Skytree Sensoji Temple and Skytree Sensoji Temple and Skytree Sensoji Temple 28 Sensoji Temple 32 Sensoji Temple 33 Sensoji Temple 24 Sensoji Temple 25 Sensoji Temple 34 Sensoji Temple 12 Sensoji Temple 16 Sensoji Temple 30 Sensoji Temple 42 Sensoji Temple 07 Sensoji Temple 08 Sensoji Temple 13 Sensoji Temple 26 Sensoji Temple 21 Sensoji Temple 22 Sensoji Temple 27 Sensoji Temple 38 Sensoji Temple 43 Sensoji Temple 44 Sensoji Temple 45 Sensoji Temple 46 Sensoji Temple 09 Sensoji Temple 23 Sensoji Temple 39 Sensoji Temple 40 Sensoji Temple 35 Sensoji Temple 41 Sensoji Temple 47 Sensoji Temple 48 Sensoji Temple 49 Sensoji Temple 50 Sensoji Temple 51 Nakamise-dori 01 Nakamise-dori 02 Nakamise-dori 03 Nakamise-dori 04 Nakamise-dori 05 Nakamise-dori 06 Nakamise-dori 07 Asakusa 01 Asakusa 02 Asakusa 03 Asakusa Station, Ekimise mall, Matsuya Asakusa 05 Asakusa Station, Ekimise mall Asakusa, Sumida and Skytree
Asahi Breweries, Sumida Skytree from Asakusa Asakusa towards Sumida Kaminarimon St, Asakusa Kaminarimon St, Asakusa Kaminarimon St Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Asakusa arcades Kaminarimon St Kaminarimon St Kaminarimon St Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa 24 Asakusa arcades Asakusa 26 Asakusa 27 Asakusa 28 Asakusa 29 Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa 32 Asakusa 33 Asakusa 34 Asakusa arcades Asakusa 36 Asakusa 37 Asakusa 38 Asakusa arcades Asakusa 40 Asakusa 41 Asakusa and Skytree  Skytree Asakusa 44 Asakusa 45 Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Asakusa arcades Orange St, Asakusa Orange St, Asakusa Asakusa 52 Orange Street Asakusa geishas Asakusa geishas Asakusa samurai Asakusa 57 Asakusa 58 Asakusa 59 Asakusa 60 Asakusa View Hotel Asakusa 62 Asakusa 63 Asakusa 64 Restaurant Tonkatsu, Asakusa Restaurant Tonkatsu, Asakusa Restaurant Tonkatsu, Asakusa Restaurant Tonkatsu, Asakusa Asakusa 69 Asakusa 70 Asakusa 71 Asakusa 72 Asakusa 73 Buddhist ritual, Asakusa Station Buddhist ritual, Asakusa Station