Riddarholmen is a small island in lake Mälaren, situated between Norrmalm and Gamla Stan, that is connected with bridges. It is mostly known for the tall church Riddarholmskyrkan, Stockholm's oldest medieval building, and the nice views of the lake Mälaren and Stockholm's skyline. Riddarholmen is togehter with Gamla Stan Stockholm's historical center. Here you find courthouses and noble palaces. It is the smallest neighourhood in the city of Stockholm, and there are no residents today. The last resident moved in 2010.



Riddarholmskyrkan, built in 1270 by the king Magnus Ladulås (today's version 1310, spire 1846), is Stockholm's only preserved medieval building. The architecture has elements of both renaissance, gothic and roco.. Unfortunately the church wasn't open inside during my visit. The tower is 87m tall.


Karolinska gravkoret, Riddarholmskyrkan Riddarholmskyrkan. Many royalties and other famous people are buried here.

Riddarholmskyrkan   Riddarholmskyrkan, closed inside   Riddarhuset and Gustav Vasa sculpture, opposite Riddarholmen

Riddarholmskyrkan from the Old Town.



Riddarholmskyrkan is a museum since 1809.


Birger Jarls torg with Wrangelska palatset (left), Wrangelska backen, Stenbockska palatset and Stenbockska palatset (right).


Wrangelska backen towards Mälaren

Hessensteinska palatset (left)



Stenbockska palatset and the statue of Birger Jarl, Birger Jarls torg (square).

Administrative Court of Appeal (Kamarrättens hus) on Riddarholmen island.


Riddarholmen and Södermalm seen from Kungsholmen



Wrangelska palatset and Riddarholmskyrkan


Wrangelska palatset and Riddarholmskyrkan

Old National Archives

Norstedt publisher building (left) and Gamla Riksarkivet (Old National Archives, right) two red brick romanesque buildings.


Bridge to Norrmalm through Riddarholmen

Stockholm Waterfront and Norrmalm

Evert Taube sculpture, at the strand of Riddarholmen. Taube was a famous Swedish artist, author, poet and musician.


Evert Taube sculpture by Willy Gordon


Lake Mälaren and Södermalm seen from Evert Taube's terrace, Riddarholmen


Riddarholmen towards the lake

Mälardrottningen, a famous ship hotel on Mälaren

Högalidskyrkan, Södermalm and Mälaren


Sculpture at Evert Taube's terrace

Kungsholmen seen from Evert Taube's terrace

Kungsholmen skyline dominated by DN-skrapan. To the left is the high bridge Västerbron and in the front Långholmen island.


DN-skrapan, newspaper building

Västerbron is a popular place to commit suicide!

Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), Kungsholmen. This is where the Noble prize dinner takes place. The City Hall was built in 1923 and is 106m tall.


"Tre Kronor" sculpture on to p of Stadshuset (City Hall)

Kungsholmen and part of Norrmalm

Norrmalm with the new Waterfront complex and World Trade Center.


Waterfront complex/Radisson Hotel

Kungsholmen residential buildings

Norrmalm: A metro train passing by in front of the Sheraton Hotel and S:ta Clara Church.


Sheraton Hotel and Klara Kyrka

Metro train on the water