Skylines and views from Skyview, Ericsson Globe

Globen, since 2009 officially the Ericsson Globe (formerly Stockholm Globe Arena), is located in the district Johanneshov, just south of Södermalm from Skanstullsbron, a tall bridge. The Globe is a large arena for sports (mostly hockey) and big concerts (rock concerts and Eurovision). The Globe is the world´s largest spherical building and was built in 1988 and opened in 1989. The diameter of the structure is 110m, and it is 85 meters to the top of Globen, and since 2010 you can use the Skyview, two external elevators to the top to watch views over Stockholm. In September 2014 I visited the Skyview.



The Globe, the world's largest spherical building, and the annex on a sunny September daIy. The Globe represents the sun in the Sweden Solar System,the world's largest scale model of the Solar System.


Ericsson Globe, entrance

Ericsson Globe opened 1989

The Globe with the tracks for the two elevators that takes visitors to the top with the Skyview. It is 85m to the top and 605 000 cubic meters in size.


Skyview elevator gondola, Ericsson Globe

Entrance to Skyview

The Globe with one of two elevators that takes visitors to the top with the Skyview. Each one takes 16 visitors. To be able to create this attraction, the roof had to be strengthened.


Skyview elevator gondolas, the Globe

Details of the Globe, circular windows and tracks of Skyview

Skyview external elevator seen from the other elevator below. Each one takes 16 visitors. To be able to create this attraction, the roof had to be strengthened.


Looking upwards towards the top of the Globe from the Skyview elevator's roof

Globe City Towers


Looking up the Skyview tracks, Globen   Inside the elevator, Skyview   Looking up the elevator, Skyview



Part of Globen's spherical roof and view towards Södermalm and central Stockholm.


Looking North: Södermalm, Johanneshov and central Stockholm. Skyline from the left: Söder Torn, Klara kyrka, Skatteskrapan, Folksamhuset, Katarinakyrkan, several churches are seen in the background and the bridges in the front is Skanstullsbron and Johanneshovsbron.

Looking North, a closer look on the skyline, from the left: Söder Torn (Södermalm), Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholmen), Wenner Gren Center (Norrmalm), Klara kyrka (Norrmalm), Skrapan (Södermalm).

Kista (far Northern suburb) skyline in the distance beyond central Stockholm, seen from Skyview on top of Ericsson Globe. The skyscraper to the left is Kista Science Tower (117.2m, 30 floors) and the one to the left is Victoria Tower (117.4m, 33 floors). Victoria Tower hosts a Scandic Hotel and was completed in 2011. Kista Towers will be completed in 2015, with the tallest tower second tallest in Sweden (120m, 35 floors).

Hammarby district with Hammarbytornet, Hammarby sjöstad, Park Inn hotel, Lake Mälaren, Nacka.


Kaknästornet, Sweden's tallest TV tower (170m), Ladugårdsgärdet

The tallest masts in Stockholm

Tele2 Arena is a multi-purpose stadium that was built in 2010-13 as a part of the Stockholm Globe City. It has capacity for 33 000 during football games and up to 40 000 people during concerts.

Johanneshov seen from the top of Globen, with the tracks of the two Skyview gondolas in the front.

The church towers are Högalidskyrkan on Södermalm and the skyscraper is DN-skrapan on Kungsholmen.


Johanneshov and the smaller stadium

Skanstullsbron and Folksamskrapan

The roof of the Globe, the center of the spherical structure, looking towards the Hammarby district and Nacka suburb.


Towards the top of the Globe

The glass roof of the external elevator

The skyline of Kungsholmen and Norrmalm with the famous City Hall to the left. Strangely the water of Mälaren is not visible but there are lots of water around the buildings, it is sitauted beneath the buildings.

The other gondola seen from the one I was in with views of Södermalm in the background.

Johanneshov and Årstaviken   Inside the elevator gondola   Looking through the elevator's doors

The bay Årstaviken with Lilheholmsbron and a train bridge. To the right is Hornstull, part of Södermalm and the island in the middle is Årsta holmar.


Liljeholmen with its new Kajen 4 skyscraper

Looking straight down towards the Globe City

Around Globen   Around Globen   Around Globen

Globe City Twin Towers   Johanneshov   Älvsjömässan, the largest exhibtion center, and the new and tall Scandic Talk Hotel



Skanstullsbron is a high bridge that takes transports, trains and pedestrians from Södermalm to Johanneshov over Årstaviken. There are very nice views from the bridge, especially over the bay Årstaviken, Södermalm, Johanneshov and Hammarby. It was opened for traffic in 1946, delayed by the second world war. I walked along the 574m.

Kaknästornet, Sweden's tallest TV tower (for many years the tallest structure in Sweden) in front of Djurgåden, the popular tourist island.



Southernmost Södermalm and Clarion Hotel Stockholm (right)


Hammarbytornet in Hammarby reminds of Kaknästornet.


Götgatan with Skatteskrapan with subway trains passing by underneath Åhléns

Johanneshovsbron above Årstaviken, just next to Skanstullsbron


The 105m high chimney of Hammarbyverket and Hammarbytornet.


Hammarbyverket and tall cranes

Reaching Johanneshov from the bridge

Södermalm skyline from Skanstullsbron, dominated by Folksamskrapan to the right. Skanstullsbron has a pedestrian walkway.


Folksam building and Sofiakyrkan



Skyline of Liljeholmskajen in the outskirts, looking to the West. The black highrise is called Kajen 4 (75m, 24 floors) and was drawn by Gert Wingårdh. Kajen 4 was planned for over 10 years before it was built, completed in 2014. 3 other "skyscrapers" are also u/c there.

Johanneshov, Södermalm   Liljeholmen, more highrises   Kista Science Tower, Kista

Views to the East, from the left: Danviksklippan highrises, Hammarbystaden (front), Hammarby sjöstad (middle) and Henriksdal (Nacka)

Danviksklippan skyline   Henriksdal (Nacka)   Henriksdal, Nacka, Hammarby

The chimney of Hammarbyverket heat and power plant and a lot of tall cranes.   The highway underneath Skanstullsbron   Skanskvarn windmill, now restaurant, Johanneshov