Globe City, Johanneshov and the Ericsson Globe

Globen, since 2009 officially the Ericsson Globe (formerly Stockholm Globe Arena), is located in the district Johanneshov, just south of Södermalm from Skanstullsbron, a tall bridge. The Globe is a large arena for sports (mostly hockey) and big concerts (rock concerts and Eurovision). The Globe is the world´s largest spherical building and was built in 1988 and opened in 1989. The diameter of the structure is 110m, and it is 85 meters to the top of Globen, and since 2010 you can use the Skyview, two external elevators to the top to watch views over Stockholm. In September 2014 I visited the Skyview, you can see the pictures from the top of the ride here. They are also spherical and rides on the outside of the Globe. The capacity is 13 850 visitors at hockey events and 16 000 during concerts. In 2013 the new Tele2 stadium was completed opposite Globen.

Globen almost contains a city of its own in the district Johanneshov. It is called Stockholm Globe City and contains a shopping galleria, a hotel, offices and two highrises. The district on the opposite side of the highway is called Hammarby, a normal residential area just like Johanneshov.



The Globe, the world's largest spherical building, and the annex on a sunny September daIy. The Globe represents the sun in the Sweden Solar System, , the world's largest scale model of the Solar System.


Ericsson Globe, entrance

Ericsson Globe opened 1989

The Globe with the tracks for the two elevators that takes visitors to the top with the Skyview. It is 85m to the top and 605 000 cubic meters in size.


Skyview elevator gondola, Ericsson Globe

Entrance to Skyview

The Globe with one of two elevators that takes visitors to the top with the Skyview. Each one takes 16 visitors. To be able to create this attraction, the roof had to be strengthened.


Skyview elevator gondolas, the Globe

Details of the Globe, circular windows and tracks of Skyview

Looking up the Skyview tracks, Globen   Inside the elevator, Skyview   Looking up the elevator, Skyview



Globe City´s Twin Towers at Arenavägen 37 and 49 and other office buildings. The towers, completed 1988, are 82m tall to the antenna and 58 to the roof.


Globen's entrance podium annex

Gullmarsplan is the closest metro station to the Globe Arena City

Globe City´s Twin Towers are connected with two 2-storey skybridges   Office buildings, Globe City   Globe City´s Twin Towers at Arenavägen 37 and 49

The Globen shopping galleria has about 60 stores and 3 atriums.   Another atrium, Globen Shopping   ICA Globen, Globen Shopping

The Globe's entrance annex (left) and the new Tele2 Arena (right)


Newly built glass building

Tele2 Arena is a multi-purpose stadium that was built in 2010-13 as a part of the Stockholm Globe City. It has capacity for 33 000 during football games and up to 40 000 people during concerts.


Tele2 Arena, entrance

Tele2 Arena opened in 2013

Globe City´s Twin Towers at Arenavägen 37 and 49. They have 16 floors each and contains offices.


Views from the SkyView, Globen (see Globen skylines section)



Hammarbytornet in Hammarby reminds of Kaknästornet.



A glass building in Johanneshov in front of Globen


The chimney of Hammarbyverket heat and power plant and a lot of tall cranes.   The highway underneath Skanstullsbron   Skanskvarn windmill, now restaurant, Johanneshov