Söderåsen (Southern Ridge) is a ridge and a national park (since 2001) near the village of Röstånga, east of Helsingborg and north of Malmö. It has the most mountainous and breathtaking landscape of Skåne (Scania). Åstorp, Klippan and Ljungbyhed are also close to the ridge. Kopparhatten and Skäralid, Skåne's highest point, are situated on the ridge. Both are popular tourist attractions.


Kopparhatten is a viewing point at Skåne's highest point at 212 m over sea.

Skäralid is a ravine that has been formed during 4 ice ages.


The map of the area.

People walking along the steep cliffs on the other side.

The ravine of Skäralid, seen from the high viewing point Kopparhatten.


Skäralid viewing point   Skäralid trees   Skäralid, vivid effect

Skäralid, miniature effect   Skäralid, poster effect   Skäralid, black and white



The entrance to the road that leads upwards to Skäralid   The road to Skäralid   The road to Skäralid

People visiting Skäralid   People visiting Skäralid   Forest of Söderåsen




Odensjön is a mysterious lake, surrounded by high cliffs of Söderåsen’s national park. Concerts and other events are sometimes held at the lake.

Odensjön, part of Söderåsen’s national park.

The path to Odensjön.

Odensjön seen from the ridge above.


Forest near Odensjön   Forest near Odensjön   Forest near Odensjön

Forest near Odensjön   Forest near Odensjön   Forest near Odensjön