Population: 6 600 (metro 19 400)
Year: 2008

Simrishamn is a picturesque, but very small town, the second smallest city in Scania. It is situated in Österlen on Scania's east coast and has ferry connections with the Danish island Bornholm. Simrishamn has some very old and small houses and looks a bit Danish. It has a harbour and a beach.

Storgatan, the main street of Simrishamn, is filled with stores and open air restaurants summertime.

St Nicolai Church, a beautiful very old stone church in Simrishamn's center.

Picturesque streets in the city center.

The harbour.

Old American cars can often be seen in the harbour summertime.

Small streets towards St Nicolai Church.

The beach of Simrishamn. There were thunders and lightning on the horizon.

I didn't manage to capture the lightening.

Towards the harbour.

Rainbow over Simrishamn's harbour.

The hoover ferry arriving from the small Danish island Bornholm.