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Opatija 001 - Bus station at  - Vladimira Gortana Square Opatija 002 - Vladimira Gortana Square Grand Hotel Palace, Opatija Marsala Tita Road, Opatija Opatija waterfront Opatija waterfront Opatija 003 - Beach Opatija 004 Opatija 005 Opatija 006 Opatija 009 Opatija 009b Slatana Beach, Kvarner Bay Opatija 012 Opatija 013 Opatija 015 Opatija 016 Opatija 017 Opatija 018 Kvarner Bay Opatija 025 Opatija 026 Opatija 027 Opatija 028 - Slatina beach Opatija 030 - Hotel Savoy Opatija 031 - Slatina beach Opatija 032 Opatija 033 The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija Opatija 035 Opatija 036 Opatija 037 - Admiral Casino Opatija 038 Opatija 039 - Admiral Casino Opatija 040- Admiral Casino Opatija 041 Opatija 042 Opatija 043 - Hotel Admiral Opatija 044 Opatija 045 - Submarine Opatija 046 Opatija 047 Opatija 048 Opatija 049 The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija Opatija 051 The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija Opatija 053 Nemo submarine The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija Opatija 056 The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija The Franz Joseph I Promenade, Opatija Opatija 062 Stairs to Marsala Tita Road Opatija 064 Opatija 065 - Hilton Costabella Rijeka and Kvarner Bay Opatija 067 Opatija 068 -  Marsala Tita Road Opatija 069b  - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 069c - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 070 - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 070b - Hotel Domino Opatija 070c - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 070d - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 070e - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 071 - Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija 071e Opatija 072 Opatija 073 Opatija 074 Opatija 075 Opatija 075b Opatija 076 Opatija 077 - Villa Esperia Opatija 079 Opatija 080 Opatija 081 Opatija 083  -  Marsala Tita Road Opatija 084 Opatija 085 - Villa Dubrava Opatija 085b Opatija 086 Opatija 087 Opatija 088 Opatija 089 Opatija 090 Opatija 091 Hotel Palace Bellevue and the Grand Hotel Palace Opatija 093 Opatija 094 Hotel Palace Bellevue Opatija 096 Opatija 097 - Grand Hotel Palace Opatija 098 Opatija 099 Opatija 100 Opatija 101 Opatija 102 - Restaurant Boutique Opatija 104 - Restaurant Boutique Opatija 105 - Restaurant Boutique Opatija 193 Opatija 194 Opatija 195 Opatija 196 Opatija 197a Opatija 197b Opatija 197c Opatija 197d Opatija 197e Opatija 198 Opatija 198b Opatija 198c Opatija 198d Opatija 198e Opatija 198f Opatija 198g Opatija 199 Opatija 199b Opatija 199c Opatija 199d Opatija 199e Opatija 199f Opatija 199g Opatija 199h Opatija 199i Opatija 199j Opatija 199k Opatija 199l Opatija 199m Opatija 199n Opatija 199o Opatija 199p Opatija 199q Opatija 199r Opatija 200a Opatija 200b Opatija 201 Opatija 201a Opatija 203 Opatija 204 Opatija 205 Opatija 206 Opatija by night 01

Opatija by night 02 Opatija by night 03 Opatija by night 04 Opatija by night 05 Opatija by night 06 Opatija by night 07 Opatija by night 08 Opatija by night 09 Opatija by night 10 Opatija by night 11 Opatija by night 12 Opatija by night 13 Opatija by night 14 Opatija by night 15 - Joraj Sporer art pavilion Opatija by night 16 - Joraj Sporer art pavilion Opatija by night 17 Opatija by night 18 Opatija by night 19- Maiden with the Seagull Opatija by night 20 - Madonna del Mare Statue Opatija by night 21 - Madonna del Mare Statue Opatija by night 22 Opatija by night 23 Opatija by night 24 Opatija by night 25 Opatija by night 26 Opatija by night 27 Opatija by night 28 Opatija by night 29 - Hotel Kvarner Opatija by night 30 Opatija by night 31 Opatija by night 32 Opatija by night 33 Opatija by night 34 Opatija by night 35 Opatija by night 36 Opatija by night 37 Opatija by night 38 Opatija by night 39 Opatija by night 40 Opatija by night 41 Opatija by night 42 Opatija by night 43 Opatija by night 46 Opatija by night 44 Opatija by night 47 Opatija by night 48 Opatija by night 49 Opatija by night 50

Rijeka skyline from Opatija 01 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 02 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 03 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 04 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 05 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 06 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 07 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 08 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 09 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 10 - Hilton Rijeka Rijeka skyline from Opatija 11 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 12 Rijeka skyline from Opatija 13

Population: 11 659 (part of Metro Rijeka)
Country: Croatia
Other names: Abbazia, Sankt Jakobi
District: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
Area: 66 km² (city)
Year visited: September 2021

Opatija is a small seaside town and resort 18km West of Rijeka, with a dramatic setting on the Istrian Peninsula, facing the Kvarner Gulf and green mountains above is.
Along the Lungomare Coast there is a promenade, The Franz Joseph I Promenade, were you can walk the whole way along the coast, going from the village Volosko to Lovran, passing by Ičići, Ika and Opatija as the main town.
Opatija reminds of the French Riviera, especially Monaco with its hilly setting, seaside yachts and luxurious Victorian and Baroque palace looking buildings, housing hotels and casinos. It is part of the Austrian Riviera, that got its name since it was part of Austria, already a fashionable Austria-Hungarian resort in the 19th century.
There is a famous statue and symbol of Opatija, in the sea, Maiden with the Seagull (Madonna del Mare), made by Zvonko Car in 1956. Next to it is the Joraj Sporer art pavilion. Marsala Tita Road (Ulica Marsala Tita) is the main road that goes through the city, above sea level, where you find de luxe hotels, restaurants and fashionable brand stores.

Major de luxe hotels are Grand Hotel Palace (a grandiose old landmark building), Grand Hotel Adriatic (modern glass building and a white large building, has an infinity pool), Heritage Hotel Imperial (grandiose red palace) Hotel Opatija Hotel Ambasador, Continental, Palace Bellevue, Bevanda, Miramar, Amadria Park Hotel Royal, Amadria Park Sveit Jakov,  Milenij Hotel, Kvarner Hotel and the nearby Hilton Rijeka Costabella. Hotel Admiral is a modern white building, while the Admiral Casinos is located in a beautiful old Victorian building. The largest church in Opatija is the white Church of Our Lady of Annunciation with its green dome, it cannot be seen from sea level unfortunately. Park Prirode Učka is a national park in the mountains just to the West of Opatija, with hiking trails, waterfalls and historical places.

We catched the bus from Zagreb in the morning, arrived in Rijeka at noon were we spent a few hours, took the bus to Opatija, which is about 20 minutes, and returned to Rijeka in the evening. Next day we took the bus to Venice, that is about 4.5 hours away from Rijeka/Opatija. There are lots of restaurants along the Lungomare Coast, though most of them were quite empty, probably due to covid. We tried a nice seafood restaurant near the coast, Restaurant Boutique. There are many beaches, were we bathed in the main one, at the Grand Hotel Palace. It is important to know that you can not expect sandy white beaches in Opatija though. The beaches are of concrete, asphalt or stone, that could be a disappointment for such an upscale resort town. I walked part of the Lungomare Promenade, that is highly recommended as well as visiting part of the town that have many stores, restaurants and bars.

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