Manchester skylines and views

- Deansgate, Beetham Tower, MediaCityUK, Salford, Football Museum, City Tower, CIS Tower, Arndale House, Town Hall

Manchester's skyline is second only to London and Birmingham. Since 2006 the then mediocre skyline was crowned with the 47-storey Beetham Tower, which the tallest building in the UK outside London, with a roof height of 157m. It is a sleek glass tower built in 2006 featuring a Hilton hotel, a skybar and apartments. Beetham Tower is one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world. The architect, Ian Thompson, lives on the top-floor penthouse, that is the highest living space in the United Kingdom. An even taller skyscraper is under construction on Owen St (2017), planned for completion in 2018, with 64 floors and a height of 201m. In the Owen St project 3 other skyscrapers are u/c as well, with 37-50 floors.

Before the Beetham Tower, the tallest skyscrapers were some boxy modernist towers with around 30 floors; CIS Tower (2nd tallest, 118m), City Tower (107m), and Arndale House (90 m). All of them built in the city centre.In 2012, the 32-storey New Wakefield St became the new 3rd tallest. There are several towers of churches, the cathedral, and other historic buildings as well, but they are not especially tall, except for the clock tower of the Town Hall from 1877 (87m) Many new office and apartment buildings have been constructed in Manchester in the 2000s, many designed in a futuristic style, like the Coop building and National Football Museum for example.

In the Southern suburb of Salford (pop. 246 000), a large new highrise cluster have been constructed recent years, especially around the MediaCityUK.Several striking modern, futuristic structures can be found in this area. There are also older highrises in Salford.

Unfortunately the observation deck on the Imperial War Museum in Salford was closed for renovation during my visit, and the bar at Beetham Tower's Hilton is only for guests, but I managed to capture some views from bridges and from the National Football Museum.

Manchester skyline from Salford. Manchester pano View from the National Football Museum 32 View from National Football Museum 33 View from National Football Museum 34 View from National Football Museum 35 View from National Football Museum 36 Beetham Tower 04 Beetham Tower 05 Albert Square 54 Beetham Tower CIS Tower 01 City Tower, Piccadilly Gardens 01 City Tower, Piccadilly Gardens 02 Deansgate 2 Deansgate Manchester Central Convention Complex Manchester city center southeast Manchester City Centre 02 Manchester City Centre 15 - Great Northern Tower Manchester City Centre 18 - Premier Inn Manchester City Centre 19 - canal Manchester City Centre 21 - canal Manchester City Centre 29 - Cathedral Salford 02 Salford 03 Salford 04 Salford 05 Salford 06 Salford 80 Salford 81 MediaCityUK, Salford 05 MediaCityUK, Salford 15 MediaCityUK, Salford 16 MediaCityUK, Salford 17 Trinity Bridge, MediaCityUK Manchester Airport Manchester Airport