Manchester by night

- Stevenson Square, Hatters Hostel, Newton Street, Oldham Street

Manchester has a vibrant nightlife
, one of the best in the UK. Famous bands as the Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and more derives from the area. Vibrant nightclubs, bars and pubs can be found all over, with the emphasis on the alternative scene. In the 80s, the Factory night club was a very famous venue and independent record label for British rock music. It has reopened as FAC251.

Some buildings on the skyline are illuminated at night, such as the Beetham tower (Manchester's tallest skyscraper), the historic Town Hall and some bridges.

Manchester after dark is quite unsafe, so I stuck to visit the blocks aroudn the hotel (Hatters on Newton St); Northern Quarter and Piccadilly Gardens, which are the foremost entertainment districts.

Printworks is a former industrial building that was turned into a really nice entertainment and restaurants complex, with neon lights and high dark passages that make it looks like night, even daytime. Here you find UK:s largest Hard Rock Café.

Manchester by night 01 - Northern Quarter Manchester by night 02 - Northern Quarter Manchester by night 03 - Piccadilly Gardens Manchester by night 04 - Piccadilly Gardens Manchester by night 05 - Market St Manchester by night 06 - Piccadilly Tavern Manchester by night 07- Piccadilly Tavern View from the Hatters Hostel Newton St Printworks 04 Printworks 05 Printworks 06 Printworks 07 Printworks 08 Printworks 09 Printworks 10 Printworks 11 Hard Rock Café, Printworks 02 Hard Rock Café, Printworks 14 John Rylands Library 08 John Rylands Library 17