Plaza Santa Ana and the quarters around
- Plaza del Angel, Huertas, Cañizares

Plaza de Santa Ana is one of the nicest squares in Madrid with the landmark Hotel Reina Victoria, the playground and open air restaurants. After dark some of the buildings exteriors shines in neon. The smaller Plaza del Angel lies just next to it. Cañizares is the small street were my hostel was, close to these 2 squares. Calle las Huertas is a nice, narrow parallel street to Calle de Atocha, but it begins at Plaza de Santa Ana, so it fits in this section. It is crowded with people to 4 o'clock summertime, it was a bit less crowded during our visit in February.

This area has the largest number of tapas bars in Madrid. We talked a lot about what tapas really is and came to the conclusion that it can be everything that is eatable, but it must be little and served to a drink.

Plaza del Angel

Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria, is a luxury hotel and the beautiful landmark of Plaza del Angel and Plaza Santa Ana.

Plaza de Santa Ana

Plaza de Santa Ana is known for being the heart of literary Madrid, hence the large number of cafés and restaurant. It is close to Puerta del Sol.

Reina Victoria was built in 1920 and renovated in 2006. It has 192 rooms.

There is a nightclub on the rooftop of the gorgeous Reina Victoria building.

The corner building is Hotel Alicia.

Motorcycles at Plaza de Santa Ana.

Sangria, a classic Spanish drink!

Served at O Cacho do josé. Looks a bit empty, but that because people sat in the sun and this part was shady.


Hotel Reina Victoria looks fabulous nighttime.

Reina Victoria has a very nice light scheme after dark.

Teatro Español (Spanish Theater). It was built in 1804 after the previous building burned down. In 1975 it was damaged by another large fire, and was repaired.

A nice restaurant at Plaza de Santa Ana. In Madrid, the Spanish culture is thrieving with its classical interior.

Hotel Alicia, a building with changing neon lights, from green to yellow to violet.

Calle de Nuñez de Arce. In Spain Garbage truck are in operation late evenings, several days a week.

Calle las Huertas

Las Huertas is a very nice, narrow street, parallel to Calle de Atocha. It begins at the beautiful Plaza del Angel and ends at Plaza Plateria Martinez in
front of the Prado Museum.

Huertas is one of Madrid's nicest streets with its old fashioned lights and trees.

Il Piccolino della Farfalla. A small restaurant at Huertas, the name means something with the butterfly. A cozy place were we ordered steak with potatoes.

Cañizares and Cat's Hostel

Cañizares a small side street to Calle de Atocha, close to Plaza Santa Ana. Cat's Hostel, a place were I stayed for the last half of the trip, is the building behind the green
scaffolds, next to a small church.

I took this picture while checking in at Cat's Hostel at . I couldn't afford to stay longer at the 4 star Mercure, since my girlfriend had to go home. But it was ok for being a
hostel, the building is a protected historical landmark, since it is located in a former moorish palace.

The moorish architecture is visible everywhere, truly unique. I meat people mostly form Brazil and Mexico, but also France and Peru. Most of the staff were friendly.
Overall a nice stay!

The small church at Cañizares, next to the hotel.