Plaza de Castilla with Puerta de Europa
- incl. Chamrtín Station

Plaza de Castilla is a modern square in Madrid's north outskirts. Puerta de Europa, or Torres Kio, are 2 iconic leaning twin towers, standing on each side of the plaza. They have a height of 114m and 26 floors. They were constructed from 1989 to 1996. The famous architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee designed them.

On the plaza you can also find Calatrava's brand new golden, moving, Obelisco de la Caja, erected in 2010, the José Calvo Sotelo marble monument from 1960 and Cuatro Torres, Madrid's 4 tallest skyscrapers can be see further away to the North. The road that goes right through the towers, towards Cuatro Torres, is the busy and long road Paseo de la Castellana. Click here to watch my clip from Plaza de Castilla on Youtube.

The 114m tall Torres Kio and Calatrava's Caja Madrid Obelisk, erected to mark the 300th anniversary of Madrid.

Obelisco de Caja by Santiago Calatrava is sometimes changing shape, something it didn't do during our visit, unfortunately. It was erected as late as in late 2010, so it
was really brand new when this picture was taken. It is 97 m high, originally planned to be 120m, but that was rejected because of underground tunnels.

Torres Kio (Puerta de Europa), the new Obelisco de Caja and the José Calvo Sotelo Monument.

Paseo de la Castellano passing under Plaza de Castilla. You can see Torre Europa and other skyscrapers of the AZCA district to the right.

The water tower Depósito Elevado de Plaza Castilla. There is a park and an exposition centre in the former water tanks. There are several kiosks and taxi stands around
the square. The residential area just west of the plaza is a bit dull.

José Calvo Sotelo was a president that was murdered in 1936.

Hotel Castilla Plaza (in the middle) has an exterior that resembles Torres Kio. To the left: Cuatro Torres, the 4 tallest skyscrapers of Madrid.

The lobby of one of the Kio Torres. We asked the lady in the reception if it was possible to get up and see some views, but it wasn't possible.

Kio Towers could be dubbed "The Leaning Towers of Madrid".

Chamartín is a train station close to Plaza de Castilla and Cuatro Torres. The metro of Chamartín is very futuristic.

Chamartín Station.