Parque del Oeste
and Temple of Debod

Parque del Oeste means West Park in Spanish. And it is not surprising that it is situated in the west part of the city center. It is pretty big, it goes from Plaza de España to the North border of the city near the Moncloa Gate. It is as beautiful as Parque Retiro, but less touristy, and offers views of the city. It is famous for its attraction Temple of Debod that we visited, a temple from 100 B.C. that has been transported from Egypt. The park is also famous for its rose garden, something we missed. It was built in the early 20th century by Cecilio Rodríguez, also the chief gardener for Retiro.

Parque del Oeste from the outside:

Parque del Oeste seen form Paseo del Pinto Rosales, the road that goes to the East of the park.


Temple of Debod:

Temple de Debod is an ancient Egpytian temple that was donated to Spain by Egypt in 1968. The relocation was necessary because of the threat that the construction of the Aswan Dam made to the ancient monuments. The temple now lies in the southeast entrance to the park and was open to public in 1972. The entrance fee is free. It is the only ancient Egyptian temple that can be seen in Spain, and one of the few in the world.

Ancient history: The temple was built 15km south of Aswan, a city in southern Egypt. In the early 2nd century BC Adikhalamani, the Kushite king of Meroë,
started to build a small chapel dedicated to the god Amun. The Ptolemaic dynasty (hellenistic greeks) extended the temple and several Roman emperors
completed its decorations. Today large parts of the extensions are lost, and after the removal it wasn't rebuilt in the right order.

The entrance is free.

Model of how the original looked.

A model of Aswan, were the original temples were.

The southeast part near Plaza de España:

This part is just next to the Temple of Debod and close to our hotel at Plaza de España. It was very sunny this day. This fountain is just next to Temple of Debod.

Pine trees and mountains in the background.

A theatre group making some filming.

Towards Hotel Melia Princesa.

The hilly street next to Parque del Oeste.

Views from Parque del Oeste:

All these views are from the southeast part, next to Temple of Debod.

Temple of Debod and the skyscrapers of Plaza de España.

The southwest commie block outskirts seen from Parque del Oeste.

Palacio Real, Almudena Cathedral and San Francisco el Grande.

The amusement park of Casa de Campo.

North part of Parque del Oeste:

The park is very big and the north part is were the west part of the city ends. It is very beautiful. It is close to Arco de la Victoria, Faro de Moncloa and Museo de América, 3 landmarks that is just next to the busy highway like Avenida Arco de la Victoria. The Ministry of Air Defense is also near.

It is hard to believe this is in February with the blossoming cherry trees and all the greenery.

Museo de América and Faro de Moncloa from 1992, the 100m tall futuristic observation tower that was closed for renovation. Unfortunately also the only observation tower, so it was really a shame that we couldn't get up and see the city from above. And a city of Madrid's size should really have observation decks!

The west end of the city. The trafficated Avenida Arco de la Victoria with the beautiful mountains of Sierra de Guadarrama as the backdrop.

Yet another equestrian statue, here in Parque del Oeste.

Museo de América. An underrated museum that I, like many others, missed. Probably because of its location. And there are too many great museums in Madrid.
The museum is about latin american history.

Paseo de Ruperto Chapi.