around Arco de La Victoria, Faro de Moncloa, North Parque del Oeste and Museo de América

Moncloa-Aravaca is the 9th district of Madrid and is a students area. It is situated in the northwest end of Madrid, but only 12 blocks from Plaza de España. The northern end of the beautiful Parque del Oeste is bordering the district. Atround Plaza de Moncloa you can find Arco de la Victoria, Faro de Moncloa and Museo de América, as well as The Spanish Airforce Headquarters.

Arco de la Victoria. Built by Franco as late as in 1956. Sometimes it is called Moncloa Gate, a name preferred among the citizens that don't want to be reminded of Franco.

The Victory Arch is 39m tall. It is situated in the middle of the Avenida Arco de la Victoira one of the first things you see when you approach the city from the North.
Franco used to drive this way on his way from the residence. It was built to honour Franco's nationalist army.

Cuartel General del Ejercito del Aire (the headquarters of the Spanish Air Force).

Cuartel General del Ejercito del Aire is housed in a magnificent palace next to the Moncloa Gate, in the northern end of Calle de la Princesa.

Museo de América. An underrated museum that I, like many others, missed. Probably because of its location. And there are too many great museums in Madrid.
The museum is about latin american history.

Calle de la Princesa at Moncloa Gate. At the end you can see Plaza de España.

The Moncloa metro station with mountains in the back.

Moncloa-Aravaca District Hall is next to the large metro station at Plaza del la Moncloa.

Arco de la Victoria and Faro de Moncloa. The place is called Plaza de Moncloa.

Museo de América and Faro de Moncloa from 1992, the 100m tall futuristic observation tower that was closed for renovation. Unfortunately also the only observation
tower, so it was really a shame that we couldn't get up and see the city from above. And a city of Madrid's size should really have observation decks!

The west end of the city. The trafficated Avenida Arco de la Victoria with the beautiful mountains of Sierra de Guadarrama as the backdrop.

North part of Parque del Oeste: The park is very big and the north part is were the west part of the city ends.

Moncloa Gate and Faro de Moncloa seen from Parque del Oeste.

The Spanish Air Force HQ seen from Parque del Oeste.