Cuatro Torres Business Area

Cuatro Torres, 4 Towers, is a new business area that consist of the the 4 tallest, newest and most striking skyscrapers in Spain. The skyscrapers were completed in 2008. The tallest one, Torre Caja Madrid, is 250m tall and the tallest building in Spain. Eurostars Madrid Tower is the tallest hotel in Europe. The district is located in the North end of the city, just next to Paseo de la Castellana, a road that passes by all of Madrid's modern skyscrapers.

Cuatro Torres from the left: Torre Caja Madrid, Eurostars Madrid Tower, Torre Cristal and Torre Espacio. This photo is taken from just outside Chamartín Station.

Torre Caja Madrid, originally Torre Repsol, is the tallest building in Spain since 2008.

Torre Caja Madrid is 250m tall and have 45 floors filled with offices. It was designed by Norman Foster. It is the headquarters of Caja Madrid, the largest bank in Madrid.

The top of Torre Caja Madrid, Spain's tallest building. With a height of 250m it is just 89 cm taller then Torre de Cristal.

The side of Torre Caja Madrid.

Details of Torre Caja Madrid's aluminium facade.

Paseo de la Castellana towards Puerta de Europa and Caja Madrid Obelisc at Plaza de Castilla, and Torre Picasso in AZCA district further beyond, seen from Cuatro Torres.

Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower, also called Torre Sacyr Vallehermoso, is the tallest hotel in Europe. It is 236m tall, has 52 floors and is the 3rd tallest building in Spain.
Drawn by Rubio and Alvarez Sala.

Eurostars Madrid Tower (left) is a 5 star hotel.

Torre Caja Madrid and Eurostars.

Eurostars, Torre de Cristal and Torre Espacacio.

Commie blocks in front of Sierra de Guadarrama.

Some of the businessmen working in the towers drive bikes like these.

Torre de Cristal. With 249.5 m it is the 2nd tallest building in Spain, and it is less then a meter shorter then Torre Caja Madrid.

Torre de Cristal has 45 floor and was designed by César Pelli, one of the world's leading architects. It was completed in 2008.

View towards Sierra de Guadarra.

Some of the articial greenery, looking towards the ugly La Paz Hospital. The tower is under renovation, perhaps recladding.

Torre Espacio. With 57 floors it is the tallest building in Spain by number of floors, but the lowest of the 4 towers (236m). It is also the most curvy skyscraper in Madrid.
Architect: Henri N. Cobb. Among the offices are the British embassy. It was the first of the 4 towers to be completed, in 2007.

Torre Espacio and Torre de Cristal.

In November 2006, the mayor of Madrid, attended a ceremony with fireworks to celebrate that it had surpassed the height of Benidorm's Gran Hotel Bali, so Madrid
once again has the tallest buildings in Spain.

The north end of Cuatro Torres with Torres Kio in the background.