Wellington St, Park Square, Lisbon Square

- Russell Scott Backpackers, Lisbon Square, St Paul's Street

Park Square is a beautiful, quiet, green square with red brick residential Georgian town houses. It is designed like a Georgian park and is situated in the financial district. From there you can see the tower of the Town Hall. The square resembles some American cities, like Philadelphia and Baltimore. Wellington Street is a busy street that goes from City Square, where the Central Station is, to Lisbon Square (near Park Square), where our hotel was. Crowne Plaza Hotel is also in this area. St Paul's Street is a side street to Wellington, with beautiful restored former industrial buildings, now mostly office buildings. In an industrial area to the West of Lisbon Square is the Emmerdale Studio Experience, where recordings of this famous soap can be experienced.


Russell Scott is a good hostel, clean and comfortable, just a short walk from Leeds Central Station or Victoria Square, yet on a very quite area at Lisbon Square, one block from Wellington St. You can get a private room (with shared bathroom) for almost the cost of a shared bed. Unfortunately one woman in the staff spoke very little English, but they were hospitable. A rich breakfast was included, guest were allowed to use what they wanted in the modern kitchen. With codes for the door I must say security is high. This hostel has no elevator, but that's ok since this redbrick building has only a few floors. There also seems to be parking lots for the ones arriving by car. The shower system was a bit surprising for non-UK residents, working the opposite way as usual.

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