Victoria Square and Millennium Square

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Victoria Square is in the heart of the city centre. This is where you find the huge, classical/baroque Leeds Town Hall from 1858 with its clock tower that was the tallest structure in Leeds 1858-1966. It is also one of UK:s largest town halls. Just next to the Town Hall in the square you find the Leeds Art Gallery, the same Grade II listed building from 1884 that that houses the Leeds Central Library, the Craft Centre and Design Gallery and the Oxford Place Chapel. In front of the Town Hall there are benches, greenery, flowers and palms. The Headrow, one of Leeds main streets passes through Victoria Square. Cookridge St goes Northwards. Here you find the neo-gothic Leeds Cathedral (Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Anne), built 1901-04. It was renovated in 2006 and is quite small for being a cathedral. The historical Radisson Hotel is also on Cookridge St.

Just North of Victoria Square you find Millennium Square, built to mark the year 2000. Here you find the Leeds City Museum (established in 1819 and reopened in 2008, a grandiose beige building) and the white and beautiful baroque church like, twin towered Leeds Civic Hall that houses the Leeds City Council, opened by King George V in 1933. The building, designed by Vincent Harris, houses the Lord Mayor's room, has four golden owls and a concert hall. At Millennium Square you also find the O2 Academy (a venue for rock concerts in a 1885 gothic building), the Carriageworks Theatre and the Electric Press (a restaurant/bar complex in a former industrial building). At the corner is the Mandela Gardens with its flowers, palms, hands sculpture and fountain contributing Nelson Mandela.



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