University Area (Northeast)

- Sky Plaza, Broadcasting Tower, First Direct Arena, Clay Pit Lane, Queen Square, churches, University of Leeds, Beckett University

The University area is situated in the Northeast end of the city centre. Here you find both futuristic buildings (around Beckett University) and historic university buildings and churches (around University of Leeds, established 1904). Leeds has four universities totally (the other ones are Trinity University and Art University). The second tallest building, Sky Plaza (or The Plaza), a 36-storey white modernist skyscraper from 2009 that contains dormatories and offices, can be found here. Opposite, on Clay Pit Lane, is the futuristic First Direct Arena, and some postmodern buildings. The 23-storey Broadcasting Tower that houses student apartments, also from 2009, is nearby. Opal Tower, also in the area, is a residential highrise with diagonal roofs that was built in 2008, and is the 3rd tallest building in Leeds. Central Village Tower, just West of the university of Leeds, is a modernist 23-storey residential skyscraper for students, built in 2014.

There are several churches with fairly high spires along Woodhouse Lane, that goes through the University of Leeds. One was converted into a night club, simply called the Church.
Parkinson Building (also on Woodhouse Ln) is an imposing white art deco building featuring a campanile (bell tower) in the middle, that is one of University of Leeds main buildings. It is grade II listed and was built 1938-1951. The Great Hall (not shown on the pictures) is a large gothic red brick building from 1894, also a grade II listed building, that is connected to the Parkinson Bldg. The park St George's Field and the even larger park Woodhouse Moor (known for the Queen Victoria Statue) are situated just West of the university area.

University Area skyline - Sky Plaza, Opal Tower University Area skyline with the Plaza Sky Plaza 01 Sky Plaza 02 Sky Plaza 03 Sky Plaza 04 Broadcasting Tower 01 Broadcasting Tower 02 Broadcasting Tower 03 Churches and Parkinson Bldg, University area First Direct Arena 01 First Direct Arena 02 First Direct Arena 03 First Direct Arena, Opal Tower First Direct Arena, Yorkshire Bank Parking garage, University area Postmodern building, Clay Pit Ln Quarry House Queen Square 01 Queen Square 02 Queen Square, The Plaza University area - Parking garage, church 01 University area - Parking garage, church 02 University Area - Parkinson Bldg and churches University area 01 University area 02 University area 03 University area 04 University area 05 University area 07 - Central Village Tower University area 08