Station Area, Granary Wharf

- Leeds Central Station, City Square, Old Post Office, Queens Hotel, Park Plaza, Bridgewater Place, Candle House, Park Row, River Aire

The historic Central Station is large, but its entrance, actually on a side street, looks pretty weak and dull. In front of the station is the City Square, a busy square where you find fountains, the Edward the Black Prince statue and several important buildings, in addition to the station there is the Old Post Office, the imposing The Queens Hotel that is connected to the station, the tall Park Plaza Hotel, the postmodern highrise Norwich Union Offices, several other statues and the busy road Park Row begins here.

Skyscrapers and highrises have been built in Leeds recently in the Granary Wharf area, just south of River Aire, behind the railway station. Here you find the 30-storey, 110m tall Bridgewater Place (137m to the antenna), the tallest building in Leeds since 2007. It is dubbed "the Dalek" building because of its shape, resembling Doctor Who's enemies. Candle House is a 22-storey red circular landmark highrise from 2009. Hilton Hotel and Doubletree Hotel are also situated in Granary Wharf, on the backside of the station.

City Square 01 - outside the station City Square 02 - Queens Hotel City Square 03 - Queens Hotel City Square 04 City Square 05 - Wellington St City Square 06 - Park Plaza Hotel, Queens Hotel City Square 07 - Old Post Office City Square 08 City Square 09 - Old Post Office City Square 10 - Mill Hill Chapel City Square, Park Row Park Row 01 Park Row 02 Park Row 03 Park Row 03 Leeds Station 01 Leeds Station 02 Leeds Station 03 Leeds Station 04 Leeds Station 05 Leeds Station 06 Bridgewater Place 01 Bridgewater Place 02 Candle House, Granary Wharf 01 Candle House, Granary Wharf 02 Granary Wharf, Station Area, River Aire Granary Wharf, Station Area 03 - skyline Granary Wharf, River Aire - skyline Granary Wharf, Station Area 06 Granary Wharf, River Aire Granary Wharf, Station Area 08