Leeds Dock

- Clarence Dock, New Dock, Royal Armouries Museum, Clarence House

To the East of the historic the Calls, connected to River Aire, is the new Leeds Docks area (formerly Clarence Dock, and for a short time New Dock), where you find the popular Royal Armouries Museum and several recently constructed modern waterside residential buildings, restaurants and public art. The museum is free and one of Leeds most popular, a part of this grey modern granite building from 1996 contains a stone from the Tower of London. Except for the museum, the area was consisiting mostly of derilict Victorian industrial buildings, until the new development begun in 2006. The tallest residential building in the area is the 20-storey Clarence House from 2007. The Boulevard is the main street. Lots of private ships, water taxis and tourist boats pass here.

Leeds Dock 01 Leeds Dock 02 - Clarence House Leeds Dock 03 Leeds Dock 04 Leeds Dock 05 - Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Dock 06 - Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Dock 07 Leeds Dock 08 Leeds Dock 09 Leeds Dock 10 - Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Dock 11 - Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Dock 12 Leeds Dock 13 - Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Dock 14 Leeds Minster, The Plaza, Opal Tower from the Dock Leeds Dock 16