The Calls

- Calls Wharf, Calls Landing, River Aire

The Calls is a post industrial area that goes along River Aire in central Leeds. It consists of Calls Lane, a narrow cobbed lane with historical red brick townhouses, Calls Landing with its open air restaurants along the water and Calls Wharf. Yellow taxi boats, party boats and other boats pass by along River Aire. It borders the modern Leeds Dock to the East and the city center to the West. Bridgewater Place, Leeds tallest building, can be seen from Calls Lane.

The area is known as The Leeds Gay Village, with many pubs and bars.

Bridgewater Place, The Calls Bridgewater Place Call Lane, New Market St Call Lane Calls Landing 01 Calls Landing 02 Calls Landing 03 Calls Landing 04 Calls Landing 05 Calls Landing 06 Calls Landing 07 Calls Landing 08 Calls Landing 09 Calls Landing 10 Calls Landing 11 Calls Landing 12 Calls Landing 13 Calls Wharf The Calls 02 The Calls 03 The Calls 04 The Calls 05 The Calls 08 The Calls 09 The Calls 10 The Calls 11 The Calls 12 The Calls 13 The Calls 14 The Calls 15 The Calls 16 Calls Lane, Bridgewater Place