Briggate, Victoria Quarter

- Trinity Leeds, Queens Arcade, County Arcade, Cross Arcade, Grand Arcade, Debenhams, Albion Place, King Edward St, Lands Lane

Briggate is the main pedestrian street of Leeds. It is one of the oldest streets in Leeds, made in 1207. The area from Briggate to Vicar Lane is known as Victoria Quarter and is famous for its many beautiful shopping arcades in old Victorian style, all with entrances towards Briggate. There are also many larges shopping malls and markets around Briggate and Victoria Quarter.

The beautiful Thronton's Arcade from 1878 features a white interior with a clock and interesting display windows, County Arcade from 1903 has a very beautiful Victorian interior with caulted glass roof, Cross Arcade is passing through in a cross shape and the colourful Queens Arcade, formerly Queen Victoria Street that was arcaded in 1990. It features designer stores similar to London's Carnaby St, and the largest expanse of stained glass in Europe. Grand Arcade opened in 1897 and Central Arcade is a newer and much more modern arcade. Victoria Gate is a luxury, ultramodernshopping mall that opened in 2016, with marble floors, glass roof and diagonal patterns in typical Leeds way. It has 35 stores and is anchored by a futuristic John Lewis department store building.
At Briggate you also find Debenhams historic department store building, the Grand Theatre and restaurants from all over the world.

A large shopping mall with curved glass roofs towards the sky, Trinity Leeds, occupies several blocks in this area, and has an entrance to Briggate, where the Briggate Minerva sculpture welcomes the visitors. It was designed by Chapman Taylor and named after the adjacent Holy Trinity Church from the 18th century. It opened in 2012, as a result of several older shopping malls combined and renewed. Trinity has 120 stores on 3 floors and is anchored by Marks & Spencer and Topshop/Topman. It has a feeling of being outdoors and indoors at the same time, you can watch the sky through the glass roofs, featuring 1209 glass panels. The sculptureĀ Equus Altus, a packhorse carrying cloth can be seen inside.

There are several other nice pedestrian streets in this area as well, like Albion Place (that is also a square with the beautiful gothic revival building Albion Court), Kirkgate, Lands Lane and King Eward St. The Pinnacle highrise is a landmark in this area. At the nearby Vicar Lane you find the Kirkgate Market (Europe's largest market building) and the Corn Exchange.


Briggate 01 Briggate 02 Briggate 03 Briggate 04 Briggate 05 Briggate 06 Briggate 07 Briggate 08 Debenhams, Briggate Briggate - Bella Italia 02 Briggate - Bella Italia 03 Briggate - Bella Italia Swan Street 01 Lower Briggate County Arcade, Briggate County Arcade 01 County Arcade 02 County Arcade 03 County Arcade 04 Cross Arcade 01 Cross Arcade 02 Cross Arcade 03 Cross Arcade 04 Cross Arcade 05 Cross Arcade 06 Cross Arcade 07 Cross Arcade 08 Thorntons Arcade, Briggate Thorntons Arcade 01 Thorntons Arcade 02 Thorntons Arcade 03 Thorntons Arcade 04 Thorntons Arcade 05 Thorntons Arcade 06 Queens Arcade 02 Queens Arcade, Briggate Queens Arcade 03 Swan Street 02 Swan Street 03 Albion Place 01 Albion Place 02 Albion Place 03 Albion Place 04 Albion Place 05 Albion Place 06 Albion Place towards The Pinnacle Albion Place Albion St Briggate by night Commercial St 01 Commercial St 02 Commercial St King Edward St Kirkgate 01 Kirkgate 02 Trinity Leeds mall 01 Trinity Leeds mall 02 Trinity Leeds mall 03 Trinity Leeds mall 04 Trinity Leeds mall 05 Trinity Leeds mall 06 Trinity Leeds mall 07 Trinity Leeds at night Victoria Gate 00 Victoria Gate 01 Victoria Gate 02 Victoria Gate 03 Victoria Gate 04