Kazimierz is partly known as the Jewish district and used to be a town of its own, originally with the name Casimiria. It was divided from Kraków by Old Vistula River, a river that was filled in at the 19th century. That means that Kazimierz used to be an island. But there is no river to the north of Kazimierz any more (only to the south and west). So Kazimierz is directly connected with Old Town of Kraków, that is bordering Kazimierz to the north.

In 1993, many parts of Steven Speilberg's Schindler's List were shot here, even if very little of the action took place here in reality.

Kazimierz has a small town feeling. Many historic sites have been restored since 1993 and a growing number of Jewish restaurants, bars, bookstores and souvenir shops are appearing.

I was expecting more synogogues in Kazimierz, instead we saw a lot of churches. But I later found out that there is one Jewish part and one Christian part. Since 1988 the annual Jewish Culture festival takes place in Kazimierz.

Corpus Christi Church.

A synogogue in Kazimierz, not sure about that though.

Walking towards Old Town.