Helsingør, also called Elsinore, is a small small town with only 46 000 inhabitants, mostly famous for Shakespeare's Hamlet that takes place there. It is situated some miles north of Copenhagen, right opposite the Swedish city Helsingborg across the Sound. So in the summertime many Swedes use to take the ferry to Helsingør because it only takes 20 minutes from Helsingborg. Helsingor has nice shopping, pubs, historical buildings and nice pedestrian streets.Unfortunately, the pictures on this page are not the best as they were taken by my old camera in the autumn. When I visited in In 2005 it was freezing cold. That’s why I decided to go back in summer 2007, however it was not very warm then either. The best pictures are in the section from 2014 (click here).

Helsingør skyline with Kronborg castle.

A typical Helsingør pedestrian street.

The legendaric Kronborg Castle, famous for being an important part in Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

Kronborg is what Helsingör is mostly famous for. An old ship is in the foreground. To be or not to be…

Kronborg Castle again.

The train station/ferry terminal.

The town hall to the right. It was extremely cold this day!

There are many stores and restaurants at the busy pedestrian streets.

A very narrow street.

Helsingborg in Sweden and the moon seen from Helsingør.

Skt Olai Kirke from 1559, probably Helsingør’s tallest building.

It has been cathedral since 1961.

A modern train in front of Skt Olai Kirke.

The ferries to Helsingborg. Back to Helsingør – Hamlet’s hometown June 29th I went to Helsingør, small town north of Copenhagen with only 35 000 inhabitants.It takes just 20 minutes by boat from the much larger, but less picturesque town Helsingborg (I think Helsingborg is beautiful anyway however) on the Swedish side.

Arriving with the ferry from Sweden.

This will only happen in Denmark! As we sat down and drunk some beer, a truck suddenly stopped and some crazy and drunk students jumped out and begun to dance around the fountain. Some of them even took a bath in it!