Kronborg Castle, views and harbour

Just a few blocks North of the old city center you will find the new Culture Center, the harbour where the ferries from Sweden arrive and the legendary Kronborg Castle. It is possible to visit the interior of Kronborg, but we didn't do that this time.

Kronborg Slot, the castle of Kronborg, here seen from the ferry from Sweden. This is where Shakespeare's famous "Hamlet" play takes place. This UNESCO World Heritage site receives 200 000 visitors annually. It is considered one of Northern Europe's most important renaissance castles. It was orignally built as a stronghold called Krogen, by King Eric of Pomerania in the 1420s. Together with Kärnan in Helsingborg on the opposite side, it controlled the Baltic Sea. In 1585 the medeival fortress was transformed into the renaissance castle we know today by King Frederick II. It was rebuilt after a great fire in 1629.

The moats around Kronborg Castle, built in renaissance style. There are often plays of Shakespeare´s "Hamlet" taking place in the castle's courtyard. There is a church inside the castle. The interior is open for visitors, this time we didn't visit it however.

Kronborg   Kronborg   Kronborg

Kronborg   Kronborg   Kronborg


Danish Maritime Museum, part of the Culture Harbour   The Maritime Museum was built in a former dock above ground and moved here from Kronborg in 2013.   Restaurant and café, Kronborg

Kulturhavn Kronborg, Culture Harbour, is an area in the harbour, transformed from an industrial to cultural center. The modern building is called Kulturvaerftet (The Culture Yard) and was built in 2010.


Culture HarbourKulturvaerftet Cultural Center. Formerly part of the shipyard.

Kulturvaerftet Cultural Center, part of the Culture Harbour, has 13 000 sq m of concert, theatres, events, performances and exhibitions.


Kulturvaerftet Cultural CenterKulturvaerftet Cultural Center, established in 2010

"Han" by Elmgreen & Dragset. A male aluminium version of "The Little Mermaid" that has created controversy   A ferry arrives   Dynamic coppar sculpture in the harbour

Old Town Center with the Town Hall. Jernbanevej and Havnepladsen are seen in the front next to the military ship.


Historic town center seen from the ferry arriving from Sweden; dominated by the Town Hall and St Olaf's Church. Town center seen from Kronborg


Skyline of Helsingor seen from the ferry "Aurora"; St Olaf's Kirke and Kronborg Slot are dominating with their spires.

"Hamlet", along the 20 min long trip to Sweden   The ferries also take cars. Some of the ferries have names from Shakespeare's play.   "Mercandia IV"

Kronborg   Kronborg   Kronborg

Kronborg   View towards Sweden from Kronborg   Helsingborg, Sweden seen from Kronborg

Helsingborg, Sweden seen from Kronborg   Helsingborg, Sweden seen from Kronborg   View towards Sweden from Kronborg

Sail boat in front of Helsingborg   Scandlines ferries to Sweden and Denmark   Freight ship

Sail boat in front of Helsingborg   The golden spire of Kronborg   Kronborg

Sunset above the moats of Kronborg

Sunset above Elsinore's harbour   Sunset above the horizon   Sunset above the horizon

Sunset above Elsinore's harbour   Sunset above the horizon   Sunset above the harbour at Kronborg

Kronborg after dark   Maritime Museum after dark   Leaving Helsingor for Sweden