Old Town

New town, harbour

Skyline views and park at sunset

Helsingborg by night



Population: 114 000 (metro 150 000)
Year: 2004, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2021, 2022
Founded: 1085
Tallest building: Gustav Adolfs Kyrka (67m)

Helsingborg is situated less than one hour drive north of Malmö, Skåne, Sweden. The city is situated by the Öresund sound. That means that it takes just 20 minutes to go to Helsingør in Denmark from Helsingborg by ferry across Öresund. Helsingør is a much smaller town than Helsingborg (pop. 35 000), but it is famous, because Shakespeare´s Hamlet takes place in the castle Kronborg in Helsingør. Helsingborg is Sweden´s 8th largest city and Skåne´s 2nd largest (after Malmö). The city is beautiful because it is situated on many hills by the sea, there are many parks, beaches and squares and there is a wide mixture of architecture. A lot of construction has been going on the city center since the 90s. Even if it consists of mostly old buildings, such as the town hall and Kärnan, there are new complexes such as Nya Knutpunkten(including the central station and the ferry station), the new cultural complex Dunkers Hus and about 8 brand new highrises in Continental style right by the waterfront. A new harbour for small boats is built in front of the old city center. Several big projects has been constructed there during the latest years. And there are plans to make a whole new residential area at the harbourfronts, as the railway tracks are being moved underground. It will be the largest construction project in Helsingborg's history.