Halmstad's outskirts and Tylösand

This page is about districts outside the city center of Halmstad and includes the wealthy resort town Tylösand, just west of Halmstad, as well as the university area where Trade Center, Halmstad's tallest building, is located. Some pictures from the nature outside Halmstad, at Hallandsåsen are also included. Galgberget and the views from Trade Center can be seen in the skylines section.

Eurostop, a mixed hotel/gas station/shopping/fastfood complex from 1991. There are 4 Eurostops in Sweden and they are all built in almost similar style.

My friend climbed the stairs of Eurostop´s Quality Hotel just to film from the top!

Quality Hotel is the second tallest highrise in Halmstad. It has 15 floors and is 49 m tall.

Andersberg is a commie block area that you see when you enter Halmstad from the south. It is known as a pretty rough area with many problems, but many houses have been rebuilt with only the core left, like Nya Terrasshusen on the picture.

The city feels pretty big when you enter from Laholmsvägen, with trees and a tall building.

The building is Trade Center, Halland’s tallest building. It is an office building belonging to Halmstads högskola (university). It is 73.5 m tall and has 24 floors. It is also the tallest building between Malmö and Göteborg.

Trade Center was built in 1988 and is part of Halmstad högskola (university).

You can look at the views from the top of the building in the skyline section.

The 18m high sculpture ASAMK by Olle Baertling at the main entrance to Trade Center/Halmstad university.

The entrance hall of Trade Center.

Opposite Trade Center is this weird black glass building.

Just before approaching downtown, we passed these charmy houses, built in an architecture that is typical for Halmstad.

These houses, also in a similar style is to the north of city center, just at the foot of Galgberget.

Rotorp, a typical residential district in west Halmstad, where my grandmother lived when I was little. It has changed a bit since then.

Halmstad Äventyrsland (Adventureland) is an amusement park in American style in Söndrum in the west edge of Halmstad.

Halfway between Halmstad and Tylösand.


Tylösand is a flashy suburb village, 8 km from Halmstad, with only 387 inhabitants. Hotel Tylösand in the background is owned by Per Gessle.

It is famous for its popular beach, expensive residence, its spa and golf.

An unusual minigolf course.

An unusual tower in oriental style.

The leaning lifeguard tower of Tylösand.



The beach of Tylösand.

Tylösand's golf course.

The end of Hallandsåsen, after the ridge you enter Halland to the north and leave Skåne. Not far from Halmstad.

Just before you enter Halmstad, there are pines on both sides of the highway.