Copenhagen´s skyline

Copenhagen doesn´t have many highrises, just a few with around 20 floors in the city center and to the west. But Copenhagen´s skyline is not bad at all, since it has many towering old castles, churches and a towering city hall that compense for the lack of skyscrapers. And during the latest years, many new highrises have been constructed. Highrises zones start to rise at Orestad at Amager near the airport (since the early 2000s), the old Carlsberg brewery in Valby (around 2019) and Amager East, with tall residential buildngs next to the sea. KAS Herlev was Scandinavia´s tallest building until 2003 when it was beaten by Stockholm and also by Malmö's Turning Torso in 2004. It is still the world´s fourth tallest hospital though.

The tallest building in Copenhagen, and all of Denmark, is currently Bohrs Tårn, a 100.6m tall, 30-storey mixed use black skyscraper in the old Carlsberg brewery in Valby (the 1969 modernist residential highrise Domus Vista is taller however, but situated in the neighbour community Frederiksberg). In 2022 it will be surpassed by Pasteurs Tårn (120m, 37 floors) in the same area. (But the 142m tall Lighthouse in Århus will be Denmark's tallest in 2022.) The 22-storey Carlsberg HQ from 1961, also in the brewery area, is also one of Copenhagen's tallest. At Norrebro, the 29-storey residential building Nordbro was just completed (2019).

In central Copenhagen, only a few skyscrapers are planned to compete with the two modernist SAS hotels from the 70s. The round towers called Axel Towers are futuristic bronze building that have been recently constructed opposite the central station.

The best views of Copenhagen's skyline that can be easily accessed by tourists are from Runde Tårn (the best one), Vor Frelsers kirke and the Glyptothek.


Below: Views from Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour). At the Skyscrapercity meeting in summer 2006 I climbed this 89m tall building together with the young fellows of the forum. It is very narrow and steep, and swaying on the top, so you can't be afraid of heights or suffer from claustrophobia!

In May 2014 I made a revisit, these are the pictures:

Öresundsbron leading to Malmö, Sweden. In front is a new highrise complex on Amager East.

Amager East (Østamager), dominated by the residential tower Øresundstornet (70m, 21 floors, completed 2013).

Öresundsbron, close-up.

A plane going down for landing at Copenhagen Airport, close to the Öresund bridge.


Danhostel, Christians Kirke. Former Carlsberg HQ and Domus Vista in the background.

Tivoli, Codan Bldg, Scandic Hotel, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Rådhustornet (Town Hall Tower)....Sorte Diamant Libary in front

Christansborg Castle (parliament), and the Dome Church in the old city center.

Old Town with Helligåndskirken and St Nicholas Church in the center (Round Tower to the right of it) and the National Bank (the grey modernist building).

Christianshavn picturesque dollhouse like buildings.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Christianshavn.

Christiania (front), the drug liberal freetown that is part of Christianshavn. The main street is called Pusher Street and it is actually legal to selll drugs there.
People live there like in a community independent from society.

A café in Christianshavn.

Dom Church, Sy Nicholas Church, Church of the Holy Spirit.

Christianshavn and Østerbro.

The Marble Church in the middle of the picture. In the background you can see the green surroundings.

Operaen, the new Opera House.

The Black Diamond Library building and part of Christianshavn.

Østerbro in the distance, an Eastern borough. Dominated by PSG huset, Portland Towers, Copenhagen Port Co House (u/c) and a luxury cruise ship.

Ørestad skyline on the Amager island dominated by the highrise hotels Crowne Plaza and Bella Sky Towers. Sweden in the background.

Malmö, Sweden. Dominated by Turning Torso, taller then all buildings in Denmark!

The fence of the church is steep. The building was swaying and it gets more and more narrow towards the top!

Looking down the roof of the church.

























Inside Vor Frelsers Kirke  






Vor Frelser Kirke



Copenhagen panorama from the left: Pyramid of the Glyptothek, Tivoli tower, Radisson Hotel, Tivoli roller coaster, Tivoli drop tower, City Hall, the cathedral,
the Glyptothek's dome and St Nicolai Church.

This pyramid with the sculpture on top is part of the Glyptotek.

Tivoli skyline.

Tivoli roller coaster.

Tivoli and the city hall.

The City hall and the dome of the Glyptothek.

Here also with Christiansborg castle in the background and people in the front.

Modern office buildings in the harbour.

City Hall, a tower next to city hall and the Dom cathedral.

Frederiks kirke (Marble church), Nikolai kirke and Christiansborg slot.

Frederiksberg, the neighbouring suburb of Copenhagen, with Domus Vista (Denmark's tallest residential building) and the Zoo Tower.

Tivoli skyline, including Radisson and the City Hall.

Below: Orestad new skyline, in 2012, taken from the train:

Towers from the left: Bella Sky Hotel (twin towers), a wind power station, Ferring highrise, Cab Inn hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel.

View towards the Avedøre Powerplant(90m) from the Fields mall.


This is the view from a bridge at Østerbro.

Skyline of Østerbro from Kastellet.

Copenhagen skyline seen from a beach in Malmö. To the left in the middle picture is the airport.


Valby is the district in Northern Copenhagen where they build most skyscrapers.

Bohrs Tårn, currently Copenhagen's tallest building. It has 30 floors and is 100.6 m tall.

Borhrs Tårn and Carlsberg highrise.


Bella Sky Hotel.

Ferring Building.

Copenhagen Towers, Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Skyline of Orestad.


Copenhagen Towers, Crowne Plaza and the new (2016) Royal Arena.

Copenhagen Towers, Crowne Plaza.

Skyline of Ørestad from the front seat of the metro, with Bella Sky Hotel to the right.