Nørrebro is a part of Copenhagen, just North of the city center from the small lakes, that might be associated with nice stores, riots, bohemic streets and charming, but worn buildings. It is a very multicultural area with many immigrants, especially from India, Turkey and Middle East, and a lot of punks and hipsters. Totally 72 000 people live in Nørrebro.

The intersection Nørrebros Runddel with the now torn down youth house to the left of the white building. The decision to tear down this meeting place for young people was probably the reason that caused the riots that has been much talked about in the media.

Nørrebrogade is the main street of Nørrebro. This is the part North of Runddelen.

Nørrebrogade has many bohemic and multicultural stores and restaurants. This is the south part.

Graffiti is common in Nørrebro. Bikes are also common, but not bike stands.

Nørrebrogade also has many modern supermarkets, like Brugsen and Kvickly.

The south part, next to Assistens Cemetery (left) is the part with the largest number of immigrant stores, many from Middle East.

A store that is famous because of a man who makes art of trash.

An Indian music store.

Skt. Stefans Kirke (St Stephen's Church) from 1874. There are many churches in Nørrebro.

Maersk's new headquarters under construction in Nørrebro.

Market street with cafés, a side street to Nørrebrogade.

"Fuck cops". Much of the graffiti critisizes society.

A biking lane where we relaxed on a bench for a while.

The hip, multiethnic North part of Nørrebrogade.

Red Square. I don't know what this place means, but the signs remind of communism, Soviet and China.

Relaxing at the Red Square, "the communist place".

Hanging benches. Or rather a mix between a swing and a bench.

Colourful biking stands and "evil" graffiti.

Even the drainage looks Russian!

And the floor is partly communist red.

Skate board ramp.

Café Runddelen, a strange pub where odd persons come and smoke inside.

Biking stands are rare in Copenhagen, despite the large number of bikes. Pink cars are also rare.


Many anti capitalistic catchwords.

The "heart" sculpture.

Inside the Cuba themed Castro Café.

Assistens Cemetery, where many famous people are buried.