Frederiksberg is situated just next to Copenhagen's city center, but it is runned like an own
city with its own city hall even though it is so integrated with Copenhagen that you wont even
notice when you enter Frederiksberg. With 91 000 inhabitants, Fredriksberg is Denmark´s
5th largest local authority. Frederiksberg is very diverse with its royal garden and castle,
parks, hilly streets, tall modernist highrises, mansions, a long avenue, the zoo and typical
Copenhagen stores and buildings.
Frederiksberg Allé is the main boulevard that goes through this community.

Frederiksberg Allé, the main boulevard, begins at Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

Frederiksberg Allé. Frederiksberg is a wealthy community of its own, bordering central Copenhagen.

Since a few years back, the "The Dane of the Year" has been pictured in the pavement of Frederiksberg Allé. Right now there are about 20 "Årets dansk".

The Betty Nansen Theater, Frederiksberg Allé.

Frederiksberg Kirke, a church and cemetery next to Frederiksberg Allé.

The entrance to Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Garden). The Alhambra humor museum and the Storm P. Museum can be found in the yellow buildings, as well as a greenhouse and restaurants.

The entrance to Frederiksberg Have towards the alley.

Frederiksberg Castle.

Frederiksberg Castle lies in Frederiksberg Have (garden). The Baroque garden was an idea of
Frederik IV, from his trips to Italy.

The Chinese Pavilion.

The waterfall of Frederiksberg Garden.

The entrance to Frederiksberg Have.

The peacock at the entrance to Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Garden).

Looking towards the Carlsberg skyscrapers.

A boat that cross the small canal in the park.

The teat tree in the park.

Frederiksbergs Allé. The alley leads to Frederiksberg Have, a royal garden from the 17th century.

A horse carriage at Frederiksberg Allé.

Even more classic cars in Frederiksberg.

A different solution in Frederiksberg!

More images from Frederiksberg Allé.

Postmodern residential building at the end of the alley.

Fashionable residential area in Frederiksberg.

Pile Allé, changing name to...

...Valby Langgade is one of the few hilly streets in Greater Copenhagen.

It is located just next to Søndermarken park, part of the Copenhagen district Valby, but bordering Frederiksberg. The entrance to the park can be seen above.

Søndermarken is close to Frederiksberg have and castle.

Part of the park with a natural sepia made by red sunglasses.


This summer day it was time to graduate for many students, so all over the city you could see crazy teens in military vehicles!

Can a restaurant be more typical Danish?

This is a labyrinth next to Pile Allé that you could get lost in. It can take some time to find the core.

Pile Allé with its typical Danish houses. Old cars can be seen everywhere in Copenhagen.

At the entrance to Copenhagen Zoo, bordering Frederiksberg Have, is a neat Eiffel
Tower immitation in wood that I had never seen before. Even if it looks tall, it only
reaches up to the top of the foot of the real Eiffel Tower.

A gate to Copenhagen Zoo.

Domus Vista from 1969 is Denmark’s tallest residential building and the second tallest highrise in the whole Denmark.
It is 102m tall and has 30 floors.

Codan Building (21 floors, 66m) is hosting an insurance company.

A Gothic church in Frederiksberg, near central Copenhagen.

Some older photos with poor quality:

Apostolskirke. Doesn't it look like a smaller version of the White House in Washington?

St Markuskirke (Marcus Church).

A typical metro station at the Forum convention center, recognized by the same type of glass pyramids on the ground as at Kongens Nytorv´s station. Forum is a popular venue for rock concerts.

Pile Allé towards Valby.