The Blue Planet National Aquarium

Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) is a brand new national aquarium in the Copenhagen suburb of Kastrup, just opposite Copenhagen Airport next to the sea and the Öresund strait. It opened in March 2013. It has a striking architecture, designed by the Danish architect firm 3XN and resembles a whirlpool from above. It was relocated from the old aquarium in Charlottenlund. Among the attractions there is a rain forest, and a tunnel in glass right through one of the tanks.
The aquarium has 20 000 animals, 53 aquariums and over 7 million litres of water, including a tank for sharks and rays.


The curvy walkway to the entrance of the Blue Planet.

The exterior has a curvy aluminium facade. Water bassains like this surround the building. The paper installation resembles "The Little Mermaid".

The exterior of The Blue Planet, completed in 2013.


Building 2

The exterior of The Blue Planet, completed in 2013.


Blue Planet and the airport


This glass tunnel leads right through a water tank, surrounded by water and fishes! There is glass all the way around, and not all aquarium has this kind of attraction.


The glass tunnel
The floor!

The glass tunnel   The glass tunnel   The glass tunnel

One of the water tanks.


The round foyer, the center of the "whirlpool"


A huge window towards one of the aquariums.




The logo of the Blue Planet, resembling the buildings whirlpool shape        



A waterfall cascades in the artifical rain forest. It is really hot and humid in there!


The Amazonas rain forest!






The aquarium is surrounded by water!        

Copenhagen Airport is just opposite        

Carps in the small lake outside        


The restaurant inside the Blue Planet has views of the Öresund sound..