This page is about the west outskirts of Copenhagen that are situated on the separate island Amager. Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup is situated there, and so is the new business district Ørestad. Amager is the first part you come to when you arrive in Copenhagen.


Ørestad is a new area on Amager island that have developed around the shopping mall Fields (one of the largest in Scandinavia) and Ferrings Building, between the airport and the city center. A lot of new hotels, residential, a WTC and other office buildings with innovative have been built recently. Several highrises, all about 20 floors high, have been built recently, or are under construction, so the area will have a skyline of its own in the future. Bella Center, Scandinavia's largest exhibition and conference center, is also situated nearby. Here you find the futuristic leaning towers of Bella Sky Hotel.

The new urbanism of Ørestad, empty fields about 10 years ago: now Crowne Plaza and Fields.

Field's, Scandinavia's largest mall (until Emporia in Malmö will be completed). It is brand new, because it opened as late as in 2005. In the mall there are more than 150 stores and restaurants, including 2 supermarkets and a 3-story branch of the Magasine department store. Areal: 115.000 m2. The interior:

Inside Field's. It is very modern and light inside, because of glass roofs.

The large and great restaurant Valle Dalle inside Fields, with views of fields, reisidential areas and the Ferring building.

Field's have several atriums and glass enclosed elevators.

The new metro, Ferrings and the Öresundsbro train to Sweden are all close to Field's.

Bella Sky Hotel is Scandinavia's largest hotel and the tallest hotel in Denmark since completion in 2011. This highrise hotel with its 2 leaning towers is 77m tall and have 814 rooms. The towers from 2011 have 23 floors each. The 17th floor was reserved for women only. The architect firm was 3XN. It is part of Bella Center, Scandianvia's largest congress and exhibition center.

AC Bella Sky Hotel from a distance in 2016.

Belle Sky Hotel, the new leaning towers under construction with a metro train passing.

Bella Center, Denmark’s largest congress center. The leaning towers, here u/c are the new Bella Sky Hotel, that opened in 2011.

Ferrings Building in Ørestad. This new (2002) 20-story, 80m tall, headquarters for this medical company.

This was the first highrise of Ørestad, a new business district under construction. Ørestad is Copenhagen´s new answer to Paris La Défense.

The plaza outside the Ferrings building reminds a bit of the new 9/11 memorial in New York (with the trees, water and square), at least that was what I thought.

It has now company with the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the chain’s first hotel in Scandinavia.

Crowne Plaza was completed in 2009. At 85 m, 25 floors, it is the 2nd tallest hotel in Denmark. Together with the new World Trade Center that is u/c, it will be called Copenhagen Towers.

The new metro in Copenhagen was inaugurated in 2001. These new metro trains are computer controlled and driverless! They go partly above ground, but still has only one line and a few stations.

You can sometimes get a rollercoaster like feeling when sitting in the front seats of the new metro trains! These photos are taken from the front seat.


The new canals of Ørestad.

Hotel Cabinn Metro, another brand new highrise hotel.

New residential buildings of Ørestad, next to the metro.

A spectacular residential building by VM in glass with balconies shaped like icicles.

Even the garden is triangular!

An architectural masterpiece!

Bjerget (“the mountain”), a new residential building (from 2008), designed by BIG architects, with a rare design that is built like a mountain on one side. On the other side you can see the parking garage going into the building so you can park your right outside your apartment. Though the design is interesting, it looked stiff and deserted and many of the apartments were vacant.

The picture of a mountain that you can see on the wall is actually built up by holes.

The corridors of every floor have different colours and can be seen from the outside. Note the roof gardens and the picture of the mountain.

The other side of Bjerget is completely different, this side is like a mountain with roof terraces, hence the name.

Bjerget inside, looks like a residential building for cars.

There are several paintings of cars inside.

Climbing “the mountain”.

Views from the top of “the mountain”, Bjerget:

Downtown skyline seen from Bjerget.

modern fullscale dollhouse, opposite Bjerget that is mirroring in the glass facade.

The Swedish bank SEB:s new headquarters in Ørestad.

Ørestad with elevated metro in 2017.

The brand new media complex DR Byen. It is since the completion in 2007 the HQ of DR, the national broadcasting corporation and includes Copenhagen Concert Hall by Jean Nouvel (the transparent blue building to the left). Behind DR Byen is the IT university. This area is called Orestad Nord.

Close-up of DR Byen (DR Town) with its glass skyway and artificial canal leading through the complex. The blue concert hall to the left has projections on its illuminated blue facade after dark.

DR Byen's swan lake at night.

Ørestad skyline at night.

The futuristic interior of Jean Nouvel's concert hall in the multimedia complex DR Byen.

The elevated driverless metro, seen from the main entrance to Fields, almost reminds of Tokyo.