Alstadt-Nord - Old Town North

- Alstadt, Old Town, Fischmarkt, Alter Markt, Butter Markt, Gross St Martin, Rathaus, K├Âlner Dom

Altstadt (Old Town) between the West bank of the Rhine and the Cologne Cathedral is where you find most old buildings. The North part, Alstadt-Nord, is the most central and intersting part of it. Because of the bombings in 1945 not many historic buildings are left.  Rathaus, the gothic Town Hall can be found here, as well as narrow old lanes. It is Germany’s oldest city hall. The 61m tall tower was built 1407-14, have been restored after the bombings. Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) was under reconstruction during my visit. Fischmarkt (Fish Market) is a square facing the river with restaurants with outdoor seatings. The square Alter Markt (Old Market) and Heumarkt are here with further restaurants and monuments. Great St. Martin Church (Grosse St.Martin) is a Romanesque 80m tall church from the 1200s that overlooks the Rhine from the Old Town.

Fischmarkt, Altstadt 1Fischmarkt, Altstadt 6Fischmarkt, Altstadt 2Gross St Martin 1Gross St Martin 6Altes Rathaus 1 - Town Hall Altes Rathaus 2 Altes Rathaus 3 Altes Rathaus 4 Altes Rathaus 5 Altes Rathaus 6Alter Markt 01 Alter Markt 02 Alter Markt 03Alter Markt 04 Alter Markt 05Alter Markt 21Alter Markt 06 Alter Markt 07 Alter Markt 08 Alter Markt 09Alter Markt 10 - Altes RathausAlter Markt 12 - Town HallAlter Markt 18 Alter Markt 19Alter Markt 20Altstadt - Old TownFischmarkt, Altstadt 3 Fischmarkt, Altstadt 4 Fischmarkt, Altstadt 5Gross St Martin 2 Gross St Martin 3 Gross St Martin 4 Gross St Martin 5Altstadt 10 Altstadt 11 Altstadt 12 Altstadt 13 Altstadt 14 Altstadt 15 Altstadt 16 Altstadt 17 Altstadt 18 Altstadt 19 Altstadt 20 Altstadt 21 Altstadt 22 Altstadt 23 Altstadt 24 Heumarkt, Altstadt 19 Heumarkt, Altstadt 20 Heumarkt, Altstadt 21 Heumarkt, Altstadt 22 Heumarkt, Altstadt 23 Heumarkt, Altstadt 24 Heumarkt, Altstadt 25 Altstadt 05 - Fischmarkt restaurant