This page contains some photos taken outside the big cities and San José, California's 3rd largest city. I was driving the whole way from LA to San José, that is very close to San Francisco in just one day. That is similar to the distance beteween Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden.

A church with a strange architecture at the highway between LA and San Diego. Later someone told me its is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

A highway pic from somewhere between LA and San Francisco.

Californian nature close to a Mc Donald´s restaurant in Gonzales near Salinas.

San Luis Obispo is a small city (population: 46 000). It is located halfway between LA and San Francisco. So we stopped there for less than half an hour just to take a break.

San José

Population:928 000 (included in San Francisco Bay Area).

This is downtown with the Fairmont Hotel in the background. As I was very tired after one whole days drive from LA we decided to stay at a Days Inn and do the final part of the beautiful drive to Frisco the next day. So it was just a coincidence that we came to downtown San José. San José is the hub of Silicon Valley, but there is nothing special to see. Downtown San José feels a bit like e an unpersonal suburbian landscape with no real tall buildings at all, despite the size of the city.

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