Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square

- Town Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Council House, The River, Iron: Man, Guardian

Victoria Square
is a square in the heart of Birmingham, named after Queen Victoria. Three major roads: Colmore Row, New Street and Paradise Street meet here. Here you find the Town Hall, built in 1834 neo-classical style (the first significant work of the revival of Roman architecture), the Birmingham City Council House with its cupole and the adjancent the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, a huge classic art museum built in mixed styles and several sculptures, with free entrance, Victoria Square House, "The River" - a woman lying in a fountain, now filled with flowers, nicknamed "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi", the bronze Queen Victoria Sculpture, Antony Gormley's "the Iron:Man" (Black Sabbath derives from Birmingham but it doesn't seems like it was named after their famous song) and "The Guardian", a fictive guardian animal. Victoria Square is the centrepiece for the annual Frankfurt Christmas Market, and the city's official Christmas tree, donated every year by the Swedish company Sandvik.

Next to Victoria Square is Chamberlain Square, where the main entrance to the Birmingham Museum is, and part of the Town Hall can be seen. Here you find the beautiful, high Chamberlain Monument. This square is currently under redevelopment, called "Paradise pedestrian and cycle plan". Centenary Square and Westside district, where you find the Museum of Birmingham, Alpha Tower and other structures, borders to the West.

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