Holloway Circus, Chinese Quarter

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Holloway Circus is a busy traffic circle in the south end of Birmingham's city centre. The busy Inner Ring Road pass right underneath it and four busy roads meet here. Here you find the Chinatown, marked by a lion and the 12m high Chinese Pagoda (erected in 1998) in the middle of the traffic circle, dwarfed by the 39-storey glass skyscraper 10 Holloway Circus, also called the Beetham Tower. It was completed in 2005 and is Birmingham's tallest skyscraper (until 2019), a 130m tall, mixed-use building, partly circular in its design with a glass facade of mixed green and blue glass facing Holloway Circus, and a more conventional backside. It was designed by Ian Simpson (architect behind all Beetham towers) in postmodern style and features a Radisson Blu Hotel and apartments. A serie of incidents and accidents happened during its construction, and up to 3 years after.

Two grey modernist highrises from the early 1970s (Cleveland and Clydesdale towers with 32 floors each) stand at the West part of the square, and the postmodern 26-storey Orion Tower from 2006 is just a few blocks to the Northwest.

One of the futuristic glass entrances to New Street Station can be found near Holloway Circus, just as an indoor marketplace along the grey Smallbrook Queensway.

The Chinese Quarter is a small Chinatown that is situated between Holloway Circus and near The Bull Ring, where it has a Chinese arch. You also find casinos, Chinese restaurants and a plaza with mixed restaurants and movie theatres.

The Mailbox is a red mixed-use midrise building, built in 2000 near Holloway Circus. It features offices, a Malmaison hotel, a cinema, a mall with a large Harvey Nichols store and Birmingham's BBC Studios, where you find an interesting free Doctor Who exhibition, that was of great joy for the author of this page! The exhibition includes a Tardis, a Dalek, costumes, monsters and other characters. The Mailbox is 300m long and also has an entrance to the west, where it faces the Birmingham Canal and the mixed-use futuristic highrise The Cube, built in 2010.

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