Bull Ring

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Bull Ring
is a major commercial area in the south edge of Birmingham's city centre. It has been a market since the middle ages. Today it is filled with postmodern and futuristic buildings. There are two large shopping malls, built in 1960 and 2003, Bullring and Bull Ring, connected underground. It is situated on a steep sandstone ridge, bordering Digbeth. There are nice terraces with views of the city at the upper part.

The Selfridges department store (one of only four in the UK), connected to the mall, is famous for its sweeping futuristic design by Future Systems, resembling a jellyfish. It opened in 2003. Inside there is a futuristic atrium with sweeping escalators and a futuristic curved escalator that leads to a multi storey parking garage.
The UK:s 4th largest branch of the department store chain Debenhams can also be found at the Bull Ring complex.

St Martins in the Bullring is a historic church, a great contrast to the otherwise very modern buildings. It is the original parish church of Birmingham, rebuilt in the 1870s in neo-gothic style, replacing the 1263 church that was rebuilt many times. The height of the spire is 61m. In front of the church is St Martins Square, facing a circular modern building.The Bullring Bull, the Statue of Lord Nelson and the Tree of Life memorial with its two hands and insciptions are significant sculptures in the Bull Ring complex. The Tree of Life is a World War II is a memorial to the deaths from the 77 air raids and 365 air raids between 1940 and 1943.

Bullring Market is an outdoor market where you can buy everything, just next to the church. When the redevelopment of the Bull Ring begun in the early 2000s, a ditch from the 12th century and trails of a pottery was found when excavations were made.

The Rotunda is a 25-storey circular office tower, built in 1965. It features apartments and an apart-hotel. In 2004-2008 all walls were replaced by glazed ones.

New Street Station, the futuristic main station of Birmingham, is bordering the Bullring.

St Martin in the Bullring 08.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 01.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 02.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 03.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 04.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 05.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, Selfridges 06.JPG Bullring - St Martins Square Bullring 11 - towards Holloway Circus Bullring 15 Bullring 16 - WWII Memorial Bullring 18 - WWII Memorial Bullring 19 - WWII Memorial Bullring 20 - Lord Nelson statue Bullring 21  - Lord Nelson statue Bullring 23 - Views Bullring 25 Bullring 27 Bullring 28 Bullring 29 Bullring 30 The Rotunda tower, Bullring The Rotunda, Bullring Bullring Market 01.JPG Bullring Market 02.JPG Bullring Market 03.JPG Bullring Market 04.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 01.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 02.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 03.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 04.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 05.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 06.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 07.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 08.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 09.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 10.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 11.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 12.JPG Selfridges department store, Bullring 13.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 01.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 02.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 03.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 04.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 05.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 06.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 07.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 08.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 09.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 10.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 11.JPG Views from Selfridges, Bullring 12.JPG St Martin in the Bullring 01.JPG Bullring 31 Bullring 32 - Debenhams Bullring 33 Bullring 34 Bullring 35 - Debenhams Bullring 37 - towards New St Station Bullring 40 - Debenhams Bullring 41 Bullring 64 - towards the Rotunda skyscraper New St Station from Bullring St Martin in the Bullring 02.JPG St Martin in the Bullring 03.JPG St Martin in the Bullring 04.JPG St Martin in the Bullring, WWII Memorial St Martin in the Bullring 06.JPG St Martin in the Bullring 07.JPG