Population: 5 704 (15 800)
Year: 2003 and 2010

Båstad is a small township located by the sea in the northeast part of Skåne, close to the border to Halland. It is famous for its tennis tournament Swedish Open. Båstad, considered the “Monaco of Sweden”, is a very popular tourist destination summertime and is famous for its tennis games. It is the largest town of Bjärehalvön peninsula.


Mariakyrkan. A “hall church” from 1460.

The main square of Båstad.

Båstad's famous tennis courts is to the left.

Båstad is were many rich “brats” go summertime to waste huge amounts of money on alcohol. Some youths save all the year to spend their last money on expensive champain.

The small boat harbour of Båstad.

Many old cars, like this 50s PV, can be seen in Båstad.

The nature around Båstad is very hilly.

Köpmansgatan, the main street of Båstad.

Norrvikens trädgårdar (North bay’s gardens) is the name beautiful gardens just outside Båstad. It wasn’t open, but I would like to visit.


The hills just above Båstad is a stunning landscape with soaring views.

Exclusive villages.

Part of Båstad from above.


Population: 888
Year: 2010

Torekov is the smaller “twin town” to Båstad. It is a very charmy, typical Swedish sea town/village and popular among tourists.

Torekovs kyrka. Its architecture reminds more of Spain then Sweden.

It was built in the middle of the 19th century.

Where are all the people?

In the harbour of course!

Hilly old time streets of Torekov.

The town hall of Torekov with an oldtimer Porsche.

Hovs Hallar

Hallandsåsen’s southernmost part, where it meets Bjärehalvön peninsula and the sea, between Torekov and Båstad. Hallar, an older Swedish name for “rocks”, have
given its name to the region Halland.

The cliffs of Hovs hallar are 10-30m high.

Halmstad, the largest city of Halland, can be seen across the bay Skälderviken.

Hasses lada (barn), a nightclub for real Swedish rednecks (hope noone will be offended). It is advertising for a Christmas concert already in July!

This road is called “The Italian road” because it is so beautiful.

The Italian road.